My First Vibrator [ and Second and Third ]

I was 16 years old, and since I could remember, I wanted a vibrator. I was open to my colleagues as a very sexual teenager from the beginning and let them all understand how hopeless I was. And twice I was fortunate!

My friend, her boyfriend and I were at Spencer’s local mall and stopped looking at their black lights and posters. I feel like everybody stole from there their first vibrator. In my life, I had never robbed anything, so I denied. But after perusing all the other stores, once we got to the parking lot, they showed me what they had for me; a purple pocket rocket with interchangeable heads. I could have kissed both of them right there!

I loved my little rocket! I wish I could recall the business that produced it. It only lasted about a year, unfortunately, until half of the battery cap cracked. I was so pissed that I had to go back with my hand. I’m not yet one to get out of manual stimulation readily.

I was itching like crazy when I was 17 when I lastly turned 18 and was able to go to the porn shop and purchase a fresh vibrator. Fortunately, my age-old friend (thank you, Dizz!) amazed me with a grab bag from our local porn shop. Usually they were lube, condoms, and a vibrator. It’s been a classic vibrator looking like a mini lightsaber. I was lucky too! It wasn’t rosy. It was a turquoise brightness and as powerful as hell. Oh, how much I enjoyed that. I seldom had to alter batteries, and it soon became my greatest friend… until I broke it. Look at a trend? These stuff I’m wearing out!

I got my hands on a “massager” THEN (not yet 18). With separate plastic heads, it was one of those usual over – the-shoulder employment. I was lucky to have a head with a pointed tip. I remember I tried it for the first time. I’m fairly sure I’ve lasted 10 seconds and spent about half an hour gazing there in post-orgasm happiness. Then I came back to it, of course. It’s been incredible.

I’m really fortunate to have been secure and hygienic all my first sex toy experiences. They were all plastic and I looked after them as best as I could imagine. Until I was old and could buy my own toys, I didn’t begin experimenting with other, more frightening and dangerous products. Previously, I was too shy to ask my friends for non-hard plastic dildos or vaginal vibrators. I believed for sure individuals would believe differently about me because they wanted something insertable. Silly me, you know. These friends who helped me out in those days are still some of the most favorable sex folks I know! But once I got into insertable toys, I received my first experiences with stuff like Jelly, PVC, and so on. I never had a response, thank god, and I’m so pleased that I’ve learned better since those young days of despair! For this vagina, only silicone.

Keep Kegels On Point

So, kegel exercises… they seem to assist with urinary incontinence and increase the probability and intensity of orgasms. I naturally thought that meant G-spot orgasms, but I came to discover it can also mean clitoral orgasms by some testing and reading.
Many sex therapists will notice that those struggling with a partner’s clitoral orgasm should attempt pelvic rocking and squeezing the PC muscle during sex. Apparently a certain amount of vaginal muscle tension can improve and facilitate clitoral orgasms. I never created this link with a partner on my own because I thought that I had to do the same thing with them as having orgasms on my own. That’s nothing. I’m just pressing my clit on my mood and I’m going away. No rocking, no clenching of muscles, nothing. As you can imagine, when I just couldn’t have an orgasm, this resulted to a lot of sexual frustration, no fault with my partners, previous and present.
I also realized that clitoral stimulation is a little too powerful and overwhelming for me without any kind of PC muscle tension. I feel overwhelmed when my partner directly stimulates my clit with her fingers, and sometimes it can even hurt. If, while I receive clitoral stimulation, I squeeze my PC muscles, this enables me harness that overwhelming sensation and ultimately transforms into enjoyment. For me, that’s a wonderful achievement. I had my first clitoral orgasm at a partner’s hands lately. I’ve been sexually active for 10 years now and I’m lastly achieving orgasm from my clitoris with a fully controlled partner right now. That doesn’t mean I have any problems with G-spot orgasms. I’m a pro-G spotter in fact. But with my partner, I always wanted to have mind-numbing clit orgasms.
So why do I share this? Do not write off kegel exercises or exercise equipment to anyone with powerful PC muscles (I can shoot a dildo across the room). For G-spot orgasms and urinary incontinence, I believed kegel balls were only helpful. While my PC muscles are very powerful, using kegel balls has helped me figure out how to correctly use my muscles during sex. It kind of reminded me where they are and how much heck I have to do with them.
I don’t have any particular kegel balls suggestions and what to attempt as a beginner. I’ve only tried one, Cal Exotics’ L’amour Pleasure System. Personally, I’m not pleased with them, but they helped me figure out how to concentrate on my PC muscles ‘ strength. I’m going to check them out soon.
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