Review: Ella by Lelo Pt. 1.

You guys! I finally got the try one of the most raved about G spot dildos! Thank you, thank you, thank you to Sensual Intelligence. They’re a green sex toy shop based out of Canada that specializes in offering eco-friendly sex toys.

Lelo Ella

The Ella is a top rated double-ended G spot dildo that’s too cute. I received my package when I was on my period, and I felt the slightest bit of guilt when I fucked it while I was still bleeding. Just the slightest bit of guilt, though. Normally I’m not into period play, but I couldn’t wait to try it. People have been raving about this dildo since it was first released.

The packaging is standard Lelo quality. A outter box that displays the dildo in the color choice you received, and a black inner case that has “Lelo” embossed in the middle. I geek out about Lelo packaging every time I get a new Lelo toy because it’s that cute. The case’s lid lifts up, showing the Ella nestled inside the inlay with a plastic cover holding it in place. It comes with a sample pack of Lelo’s waterbased lubricant, warranty information, and an instruction manual that’s written in x amount of languages.

It’s a pretty standard double-ended dildo, except it’s not made for strap-on or anal play. You use it manually with your hand, and either end works great for G spot stimulation.

Care is the usual for silicone dildos. You can sanitize it with 10% bleach and water solution, boil it, pop it in the dishwasher on the top rack, or just use antibacterial soap and water. The silicone is body safe, nonporous, phthalates and latex free, safe to share with partners if you sanitize it properly between users, and it’s compatible with water, oil, or water/silicone hybrid lubes. You can use a silicone lubricant with it so long as it’s high quality silicone lubricant. I generally avoid using silicone lubricants with silicone toys because silicone bonding can happen and it will degrade the material. I usually spot test my silicone or water/silicone hybrid lubes on toys to make sure they’re compatible. You put a drop of the lube on a portion of the toy that’s not insertable, and wipe it away after a few minutes to see if any discoloration or texture changes occurred. In my case, I only tried with a water/silicone hybrid, and nothing crazy happened.

There’s my long-winded intro to the toy. All the need to knows and specs I could think of. Now for my experience with it.

I first got it when I was on my period. Normally I avoid period masturbation like the plague. I dunno, it’s just been socialized into me that menstruation is yucky (a false, fucked up idea, I know), and anything yucky ruins my chances of having an orgasm. Add to that that my Ella is white, I really hesitated trying it out. But with all the raving reviews in mind, I couldn’t wait the four more days until my period ended.

Normally when I have G spot orgasms in mind, I don’t spend much time warming up because it’s not really necessary for me. I can usually jump right in and enjoy whatever textured or girthy toy I’m experimenting with – keep in mind, Ella is neither textured nor girthy. So I washed the Ella up, laid down a towel because I was anticipating a gushing orgasm, and got to work. First I used my Salsa, and then I inserted the straight end and started feeling around and thrusting. It felt OK, nothing spectacular. I figured I could move on to the G spot end because nothing amazing was happening with the straight one, so I wiped it down with a toy wipe and got to business. Nothing. It felt awkward, actually. Almost as awkward as the G Spot Lollipop the first time I used it. I always thought my G spot was very shallow, but like many bloggers are saying now, it’s more of a G spot area, and the area of arousal can differ from time to time. So I thrusted deeper, I rocked it, I wiggled it whenever I’d feel a bit of pleasure. And then I gave up after thirty minutes because nothing was happening. I figured it was the negative association I had with my period that was leaving me orgasm-less, so I decided to put it away until my period was over and I had a good chunk of time to devote to experimenting with the Ella.

And today I finally had the opportunity. I decided to have a game plan and really give it a good shot at working for me. I laid down a towel, grabbed some lube and my Ako to warm up with. I like to use the patterns of the Picobong Ako to tease and warm up my clit when I know I’m going for a long session. When I was ready to play with the Ella, I inserted the straight end and it felt amazing sliding in. I think the design of this end is perfect. It curved around my public bone nicely and the front of it that pressed against my G spot and vaginal wall felt great. Not orgasm-worthy, but pleasureful and like it was hugging it. I played around with that for awhile, thrusting and wiggling it and pointing it toward my G spot in a serious angle, but I didn’t get any real pleasure from it. I was so turned on though, and went on to try the G spot end.

That slid in fine. I’m lucky that I didn’t experience any issues with fitting it around my pubic bone, an issue that seems kind of popular with this design. I went through my usual series of thrusts, wiggles, rocking, and banging the shit out of my vagina to try to find my G spot, and I just couldn’t. Usually it’s shallow, but I both inserted the Ella as deep as I could, and also rocked it as shallow as I could, and I got nothing. After about 20 minutes of playing around, I finally started getting some pleasure. Don’t ask me to recap how it happened or what technique I used, but I didn’t have the screaming, gushing orgasm that I was anticipating. I did have a vaginal orgasm, but not a single squirt was given (hur hur).

So after all of this going back and forth, I’ve decided the Ella has a substantial learning curve that I just can’t figure out. I refuse to give up. I’m going to continue experimenting with it. Maybe the semester jitters are holding me back from getting there. Maybe I need my girlfriend to figure it out. She’s a serious pro at making toys I usually dislike feel like heaven. I think the Ella is still fantastic, but I just can’t seem to figure it out.

Anticipate Part Deux to my Ella Review soon because I’m determined to figure this dildo out.

Many thanks to Martee and Caroline over at for letting me review the Ella. Check them out! They have a lovely selection of eco-friendly and body safe toys that I’m currently drooling over.

     The Lelo Ella is currently $39 CAD ($36.75 US) at

The Ella was provided to me for free by the lovely folks at Sensual Intelligence in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.