Review of G-Spot Lollipop

So the G-Spot Lollipop is a neat new line of toys featuring acrylic / steel dildos that are reminiscent of lollipops. They ‘re designed for vaginal stimulation that targets the G-Spot, but could also be great for anal in stimulating the prostate because the ball at the opposite end will prevent it from being lost up your ass. The one I received is the Double Pop. It looks something like a body piercing barbell or a baton, with two acrylic balls on either end of differing sizes, connected by a surgical steel bar that’s about 1/4″ in diameter. The other two designs offered by G-Spot Lollipop are J-Pops and Travel Pops. G Spot Lollipop that I got in Passion Pink the G-Spot Lollipop Double Pop. In Wild Apple, Organe Crem’e, and Passion Purple, they are also accessible. The size I got was small (d’oh, wrong choice!) and the smaller head is 1.5″ in diameter, while the larger head is 1.75″ in diameter. From tip to tip it’s 10 1/4′′ long. The Double Pops are also available in medium (1.75″ & 2″) and large (2″ & 2.5″). The acrylic balls are obviously very rigid and smooth, with no seams and texture. The rose has a marbled iridescence that is very beautiful under light. The stainless steel isn’t very shiny at all. Reminds me more of aluminum or brushed metal, but it’s definitely very smooth with no texture.

Care is straightforward. Cleaner toy or water and soap work best. If you share this toy with a partner and have to disinfect it properly, cleaning it with isopropyl alcohol and letting the alcohol air dry will disinfect it thoroughly.

Being acrylic and steel, it’s compatible with any kind of lubricant you prefer. I just sprayed on some Sliquid H2O and it seemed to offer me enough lubricant to slip into the big and the tiny balls.

Acrylic and surgical steel are both non-porous, phthalates free, and latex free. They ‘re body safe and hypoallergenic as well.

Packaging was very minimal. My Double Pop came with the largest ball wrapped in clear plastic shrink wrap, like a lollipop, and had the company’s card tied around it. On the card, it gives some directions on use, mentions washing it in soap and water, and says it should never be exposed to severe heat or cold. It also mentions a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

One thing I keep hearing about with this toy is that it’s hard to remove post-orgasm. This isn’t a bad thing! Your vagina is just in epic kegel mode and is gripping that thing like a cheeseburger. From what I’ve read, a slight clockwise twist will help you remove it. I personally haven’t experienced this yet because I haven’t been able to get off with it.

I wasn’t blown away by this one, but I admit it was probably from me not choosing the correct size. It left me wanting more, and I eventually tossed it aside and finished off with a different dildo. But that’s not to say all hopes are lost with it. I had an intense orgasm with that other dildo, so I’m thinking this size of the G-Spot Lollipop is perfect for warmup for me. What I also like is its potential as a kegel exerciser. Holding onto the ball and slowly pulling it out with my hand makes for a serious kegel workout. My girlfriend has walked in on me having a serious tug-of-war battle with my own vagina, and I can say the look on her face was priceless. Would I recommend it? Only if you have enough experience and knowledge of what you need when it comes to rigid toys and how they relate to size. I thought I knew a small would be perfect for me and it sadly just didn’t work out.

GspotADproofB Also worth mentioning, G-Spot Lollipop is participating in a campaign in October for Breast Cancer Awareness month. All pink G-Spot Lollipops are on sale. Here’s the scoop: Think Pink: Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We will donate a portion of our Pink Lollipop sales to Breast Cancer Awareness in the month of October. 10 percent Discount Promo code: candyshop.
G-Spot Lollipop The G-Spot Lollipop Double Pop was provided to me for free in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.