Review of Ako by Picobong

Picobong is Lelo’s sister corporation, the luxury adult toy manufacturer renowned for rumbly vibrators made of smooth butter silicone. Picobong is the line of inexpensive, battery-operated sex toys that are more cost-effective, but most are as nice as Lelo from what I hear. I was encouraged to try the Ako from, but I was a little worried that I wouldn’t like it because the reviews I saw about other Picobong toys were not so nice. I’ll say that the Ako is incredible early on. It’s stronger than my Mia 2, and I’m shitting daisies seriously about how incredible this inexpensive little vibrator is. Thanks so much for letting me give it a go to Tabutoys!

Picobong AkoDesign: It is an ergonomic vibrator that fits comfortably in my hand and because of the sharp edge of the tip provides a lot of direct pinpoint stimulation to the clitoris. It seems to be made for people with the right hand; sadly, what isn’t it? Naturally, when I hold it my thumb falls on the side buttons, making it simple to alter velocity or settings. The foundation is ABS Plastic, and if you attempted to insert it, it has graduated edges that I think would not be very comfortable. For a reason, it’s called an outie vibrator, so just stick to outside stimuli.

Picobong Ako Because the Ako is produced from the same soft silicone butter as Lelo toys, use with water-based and hybrid lubes is secure. Some individuals claim that if both are high-quality products, pure silicone lubes are now discovered secure to use with silicone toys, but I would err on the secure side and stick to water-based products. I prefer to do a spot test with a hybrid lube first by placing a little lube on a part of the silicone toy that is not often used. If it discolors after the lube has been wiped off, it implies that they are not compatible. It also hardly picks up any lint at all, but in the images I took for this evaluation it’s covered in lint, of course. My luck… because it’s waterproof, it’s easy to clean up. It would do soap and water, toy cleaner, or a 10% water solution bleach. I prefer soap and water, but if you share with partners, cleaning is better than cleaning. Boiling vibrators is a severe “no” to sanitize. It will destroy your toy’s internal workings and make it pointless.

Personally, I don’t keep my vibrator with the Picobong charm. All of us have heard about anal bead cables that hold onto bacteria and are porous. The same goes in my book for any cord. The charm also feels a lot cuter for college on my backpack.

Function: Picobong Ako Batteries Two AAA batteries are operated. When you give it a slight counter-clockwise spin, the battery cap pops off, and there are few indicators showing how the batteries can be placed in the internal white band. The cap readily locks back into location and is water-resistant. For two seconds, pressing the+ button turns it on and you can hold the+ button until you get the power you want. You can click the M button at any intensity and it will enter the various modes. Cycling through all ten will take you back to the standard mode of steady vibrations, unlike the Mona 2 that allows you to cycle through the modes backwards. You can only move forward with this one. Okay, no biggie.

There are 12 distinct settings, and you can set about 10 distinct speeds to operate with those configurations. It’s stronger than my Lelo Mia 2 at its highest, but slightly weaker than the Lelo Mona 2. I’m pretty thrilled. It’s a lot cheaper than Mia 2, and it made me much simpler to get off.

The travel lock option is worth noting as well. In the instructions or online, I didn’t see anything about it, but you can lock it by pushing and holding the+ and–buttons forx seconds (between 3 and 5 seconds somewhere). You just click and hold them back to unlock. So nice! It’s not like buttons are super easy to push, but I like the added security of knowing that when I get it tucked away in a duffle bag, it won’t begin vibrating.

Personal experience: it is something I enjoy. It’s rumbly, powerful, and you can choose from so many distinct methods. I enjoy it’s tip. It’s long, but thin, so I can turn it on its side to get wider stimulation, or concentrate the tip on my clit to get the stimulation pinpoint. Even if I decide to use the straight edge for direct stimulation, it’s not like the Salsa can be an overwhelming pinpoint stimulus.

Comparing it to the Salsa, Picobong Ako, I believe I might really like the Ako more. If in weeks I haven’t used my salsa. It’s too much sometimes, almost to the point of numbing me. I believe the Ako is a vibrator that is more partner friendly. I end up in pain, not pleasure, if she touches a little too hard or runs the small little Salsa tip against a very delicate portion of my clitoris. With the Ako, she works with more surface region, but she also has a beautifully edged tip to assist me cum easier; or at least as simple as it will be for me–we all understand my orgasm problems! The tip also makes finding my partners clit easy for me. I slide this readily between her labia and need not worry about using another finger to assist me locate her clitoris.

One problem that I have is the numbness of the hand. I haven’t encountered it yet, but I believe it might cause some hand numbing because the vibrations run along the toy’s entire length.

Overall rating: 5/5

Strength: 4/5

Volume: 2.5/5

It’s a bit noisy, but not loud enough to be heard from behind a closed door. Surely it’s powerful. And the cash is worth it. In view of running on two AAA batteries and being inexpensive, I believe this is a great vibrator to own for both speed queens and new toys.

I was given free of charge with http:/ Ako in return for an honest and unbiased evaluation. This is consistent with the rules of the FTC.