My First [and Second, and Third] Vibrators

I was 16 years old and had wanted a vibrator since I could remember. Being a very sexual teenager from the start, I was open with my friends and let all of them know how desperate I was. And I got lucky twice!

My friend, her boyfriend and I were at the local mall and stopped by Spencer’s to look at their black lights and posters. I feel like everyone stole their first vibrator from there. I had never stolen a thing in my life, so I refused. But once we got to the parking lot after perusing all the other shops, they showed me what they got for me; a purple pocket rocket with interchangeable heads. I could’ve kissed them both right there!

I loved my little pocket rocket! I wish I could remember which company made it. It sadly only lasted me about a year until the battery cap cracked in half. I was so pissed to have to go back to using my hand. I’m still not one to get off easily from manual stimulation.

When I was 17, I was itching like crazy to finally turn 18 and be able to go to the porn store and buy a new vibrator. Luckily, a friend who was of age (thanks, Dizz!) surprised me with a grab bag from our local porn store. They usually consisted of lube, condoms, and a vibrator. It was a classic vibrator that looked like a mini lightsaber. I lucked out too! It wasn’t pink. It was a bright turquoise and strong as hell. Oh, how I loved it. I rarely had to change batteries and it quickly became my best friend…til I broke it. See a trend? I wear these things out!

THEN (still not 18) I got my hands on a “massager”. It was one of those usual over-the-shoulder jobs with different plastic heads. I lucked out cuz one head had a pointed tip. I remember the first time I tried it. I’m pretty sure I lasted 10 seconds and laid there staring at in post-orgasm bliss for about a half hour. Then of course I went at it again. It was amazing.

I’m really lucky that all of my first experiences with sex toys were safe and hygienic. They were all plastic and I took care of them as best as I could guess. I didn’t start experimenting with other, more scary and harmful materials until I was of age and could purchase my own toys. Previously I was too shy to ask my friends for dildos or vaginal vibrators that weren’t hard plastic. I thought for sure people would think differently of me for wanting something that’s insertable. Silly me, really. These friends who helped me out back then are still some of the most sex positive folks I know! But once I got into insertable toys, that’s when I had my first experiences with things like Jelly, PVC, etc. Thank goodness I never had a reaction, and I’m so happy I’ve learned better since those young days of desperation! Only silicone for this vagina.