Review of Salsa by We Vibe

A HUGE hit in my bedroom is the most raved about the bullet atmosphere (this one, duh). We Vibe’s Salsa is a powerful bullet vibrator that works well for clitoral stimulation and fits perfectly into my favourite Tantus dildos. It is totally waterproof and rechargeable, and it is as powerful as it is asserted. For me, it’s even a little bit.
Design: The atmosphere is made of plastic ABS with a push button on the base of the silicone. It’s difficult, heavy, and totally smooth, except for the We Vibe emblem etched close to the base. I realized that when it is lubed up and slippery, the emblem helps me get a stronger grip on it. At the end there is also a very slight flare that makes it simpler to grip it and take it out of the dildos. The flare does not make it safe for anal use, so don’t attempt to insert this one, please.

ABS plastic is non-porous, hypo-allergenic, simple to wash, simple to disinfect,smooth like any other hell. The plastic or silicone push-button has no funky odor. The soft and shiny plastic is susceptible to scratches, so it comes in handy with the satin storage bag. Cleaning is easy; cleaning toy and washing cloth, soap and water, or wiping toy works excellent. Since it is not porous, if you clean it correctly before sharing, you can share it between partners.

The heft to this vibrator may intimidate the powerful vibrations. If I go one or two weeks without using it, I feel like a small jackhammer is attacking my clit. If it were a lighter vibrator, I believe it would be a bit less intense and easier for some to manage the vibrations. I’m a little energy queen, but it can be overwhelming sometimes.
Functions: All together there are 8 configurations. Four of them consist of steady vibrations at distinct rates, and the other four are distinct patterns. To switch it on, just hit the button and switch it off, you can either cycle through all 8 configurations by pressing the button continually, or click and hold the toy off for 3 seconds. If you switch it off by clicking and holding the button, when you switch it on again, you will remember what setting you were on and resume. There is no option to lock travel. Strength: this is an intense thing. I’d say the intensity scale is about 5 out of 5, and the noise scale is very small 2 out of 5. Lots of volume strength. I saw a couple of writers in reviews comparing Salsa and Mia 2, but I just don’t believe they’re similar. The Mia 2 is small and lightweight, and the Salsa is heavy and powerful. I believe I would finally like to discover the same medium between the two. Something with good weight and strength, but not too overpowering. For solo play and fast orgasms, I appreciate it. It’s a little too much when we attempt to use it during sex. With it, my partner can readily go too rough on my clit, and when I use it on her, she is definitely not used to such powerful vibrations. We think it’s going to be fun to use in a harness that holds a vibrator in place for the wearer’s clitoral stimulation, but we’ll probably maintain it in the highest or second to smallest environment, of course.

It comes with a nice box, a white satin storage pouch holding the charger, the atmosphere, and a tiny bottle of lube. The charger is a bit odd. It comes in two components, with a magnetic head connecting to the atmosphere and then plug it into the cord of charge. In 1.5 hours I get a complete charge. A complete charge will only give me about 40 minutes of play time if I use it at the best level, which kind of bums I get out of. There is no sign that either it will die. As it discharges, the intensity does not deaden, and it will die with a sudden shutdown. I don’t know how many times I was near to orgasm and it just died on me. Whomp whomp whomp.


  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Strong
  • Discreet


  • Short battery life at the lowest setting

Overall Rating: 5/5

Strength: 5/5

Volume: 2/5

It’s a good atmosphere all around. I’m happy about my buy. I’d just alter its weight because it makes the vibrations even more intense. The life of the battery sucks, but I just learned to maintain the charger on hand, and I charge it every four or so uses. I’m probably going to buy a We Vibe Tango quickly, only if my Salsa dies on me. The Salsa has been stopped, but the Tango has the same powerful engine and vibrations. The only distinction between the two is the head shapes, where the Salsa ends at one stage, and the Tango ends with a flat slant.
Unfortunately, the salsa was discontinued. But the We-Vibe Tango can be picked up! Same powerful engine, but with a distinct design.
The Tango is accessible for $79.99 on Early2Bed.
At LoveHoney, the Tango is also accessible for $79.99