Review of Black Magic Super Bullet by Doc Johnson

I’m a rumbling vibrator lover. More than the usual buzzy bullet, my clit requires. I need to have authority. Even for me, Mia 2 didn’t do it. I’ve been looking at Doc Johnson’s Black Magic line for a while now, and I’ve been looking for something big and strong to use with my partner so she won’t lose my clit in the darkness of our space. I also wanted to experiment with placing a vibrator between us while we were doing tribadism, and my little, slippery Salsa dancing just didn’t work.

The best choice seemed to be the Black Magic Super Bullet. It’s large and velvety that I thought would help maintain it between our lips. It’s a bit strong as well.

Credit: Wikipedia I have recently been experimenting with stimulating my clitoris glands throughout their entire length. The clitoris is not just that small little nub that stands out from the top of the labia, to tell the truth. Glands are spreading deep under the labia and wrapping around the vagina. Reading the Fairy Wand review by Secretly Sensuous, and I discovered that lengthy, slow massages helped boost my clit’s entirety. As I graduated from this, I found out what better way to boost the whole thing than with a rumbly big ass vibrator?

Design: A gigantic pill reminds me of the Black Magic Super Bullet. It’s a ideal cylinder with no bumps or elevated texture, and rounded each end. It’s insertable for 6′′ long, 5′′. The circumference is 5′′. There is a push button on the end of the battery cap with a energy sign The battery cap has an o-ring which makes it waterproof. The cap and the vibrator also have two elevated lines. You know it’s properly sealed when you match the lines and water won’t flow through. It also comes with a very thin plastic strap attached to the cap of the battery. I don’t understand the hell for which the strap is. I finally removed it because it’s such a thin strap that it’s cut a little bit into my wrist. But the strap is at least plastic, not cotton; it is not porous. Woohoo!

Credit: Doc Johnson Function: This is just three levels of steady vibrations. It requires three AA batteries and just hit the energy button to switch it on. The first environment is the lowest, and from there it increases two more rates. You have to cycle through all three configurations to switch it off, which is kind of a bummer, your thing is discretion. It is also the loudest vibrator I own, in terms of volume, about 3 out of 5. The vibrations aren’t as rough and powerful as my Mona 2, but I didn’t expect it to be a jackhammer.

Use: So how did my entire clitoris stimulate? She served her purpose. It’s not a fast orgasm, but it’s beautiful to work my way up to the greatest environment. This is by no means a fast get-off, and it takes time to get used to not getting direct stimulation on just the head of the clitoris (for me at least). I like the slower vibrations of the Black Magic Super Bullet. It’s a slow, powerful rumble even at the greatest environment, and my labia and clitoris seem to appreciate it a lot. I admit I got frustrated a couple of times when orgasm just didn’t happen, but in my mind this method is more of a practice or exercise than an orgasm of a surefire.

We have not attempted to use it as far as tribadism is concerned. On my portion, the concept was badly scheduled.


  • resistant to water


  • Loud!
  • Not as strong as I had expected for

Overall Rating: 3/5

Strength: 3/5

Volume: 3.5/5

If it were stronger, I would enjoy it more. I believe it’s a nice price purchase, but it’s not supposed to be the primary go – to atmosphere as I would imagine it would leave many individuals frustrated.

The Super Bullet Black Magic is available for $29.99 on