Review of Icicles No. 18 by Pipedream

I understand I’ve already said it, but I’m a complete glass dildo addict, and I enjoy texture. I wish it had a more pronounced texture and a little more girth from the time I attempted my first glass dildo, the Pink Double G. I had to have it when I saw a close-up picture of the texture on Icicles No. 18. The texture combined with the dildo’s big bulbous head and severe curve really rocked my world and still didn’t disappoint me.

(Yeah, I used the album of Grizzly Bear as my background. Whateva.) This glass dildo is made of borosilicate glass, or Pyrex, making it a shattering evidence. While it’s shattered proof, it’s not entirely unbreakable, but if it experiences a fall it won’t break into a million parts. It will simply break into big pieces instead, preventing injury from small glass shards. As it is resistant to breaking during extreme temperature modifications, borosilicate glass is also good for temperature play. You can pop it in a tank of hot or cold water, or if you like, placed it in the fridge. Note that it is not advised to freeze glass dildos because it can cause vagina or anus injury.
My No. 18 is 8 1/2′′ long, and circumference 4 3/4′′ at the widest point of each head, and circumference 3 3/4′′ at the thinest point in the center of the shaft. Due to the handmade glass dildos, dimensions differ. The curve is nearly an angle of 45 ° and is nearest to the dildo’s head, making it ideal for spot G or stimulation of the prostate. You can insert either end, and the handle’s two bulbs give a slight feeling of popping. It’s also secure from anal. The generous curve stops the dildo from being sucked into the anus, but because of its absence of a flared base, some would prefer to prevent using it for anal. Since my ass can’t accommodate such a huge dildo, I haven’t attempted it for anal yet. This dildo is truly beautiful. A kind of royal blue with some purple undertones is the blue of the raised bumps. The handle’s red flower is flawless. With it, I’m impressed.

This dildo loves my G spot. There’s a very powerful popping feeling when I first insert it as my labia extends to accommodate the big head, followed by a lot of fullness that feels totally incredible. Normally I’m just rocking my head in and out, but if I want to feel that texture and push it deeper, it’s feeling incredible. With this one, I enjoy slow thrusts, and when I slowly took it out, I amazed myself and discovered that I squirted uncontrollably. The head’s pointed tip is not terribly pokey, but I still don’t like directing the top to my G spot. On my G spot, I load pin-point stress. My preference is more for a big pressure surface against my G spot, so I rub the head sides against mine.
I really don’t suggest this for a couple game. We used it together before, but when my girlfriend gets carried away and thrusts too hard or too deep, the size can quickly make it too much for me to manage. She struck my pubic bone with it once and it hurts like hell, a prevalent problem with all glass toys. Be cautious!

The packaging of Pipedream’s Icicles is lovely. It comes in a recyclable cardboard box, and the dildo lies in a (not recyclable) styrofoam tray. There is a front cover to the box that is closed with a magnet, and a transparent plastic window displays the dildo opening the flap. A protective pouch doesn’t come with this dildo. I keep it in the original packaging because it’s such a big, heavy dildo, so it won’t put pressure on my other glass dildos during storage.
Overall rating: 5/5 No questions asked, it’s the best. I love it because of its pronounced texture, and to look at it is very nice. I haven’t persuaded my sister yet to let me get a lovely glass curio cabinet to display all my lovely glass dildos, but if I could get her to let me do that, this would be the primary act with spotlights and streamers.
At, the Icicles No. 18 is presently $59 CAD ($55.59 US).