Review: Icicles No. 18 by Pipedream

     I know I’ve said it before, but I’m a total glass dildo addict, and I absolutely love texture. From the moment I tried my first glass dildo, the Pink Double G, I wish it had more pronounced texture and a bit more girth. When I saw a closeup pic of the texture on the Icicles No. 18, I had to have it. The texture combined with the big bulbous head and severe curve of the dildo has really rocked my world and hasn’t disappointed me yet.

(Yeah, I used a Grizzly Bear’s album as my background. Whateva.)


     This glass dildo is made of borosilicate glass, or Pyrex, making it shatter proof. Even though it’s shatter proof, it isn’t completely unbreakable, but if it does experience a fall it won’t break into a million pieces. Instead it’ll just break into large chunks, preventing injury from tiny shards of glass. Borosilicate glass is also great for temperature play since it’s resistant to breaking during extreme changes in temperature. You can pop it in a bowl of warm or cold water, or even put it in the fridge if you like. Note that freezing glass dildos isn’t recommended because it can cause injury to the vagina or anus.

     My No. 18 is 8 1/2″ long, and 4 3/4″ in circumference at the widest point of each head, and 3 3/4″ in circumference at the thinnest point in the middle of the shaft. Since glass dildos are handmade, measurements vary. The curve is almost a 45° angle and is closest to the head of the dildo, making it great for G spot or prostate stimulation. You can insert either end, and the two bulbs of the handle gives a slight popping sensation. It is also anal safe. The generous curve prevents the dildo from getting sucked up into the anus, but some would prefer to avoid using it for anal due to its lack of a flared base. I haven’t tried it for anal yet as my ass can’t accommodate such a huge dildo. This dildo is absolutely gorgeous. The blue of the raised bumps is a kind of royal blue with some purple undertones. The red flower in the handle is flawless. I’m impressed with it.

     My G spot LOVES this dildo. When I first insert it there’s a very strong popping sensation as my labia stretches to accommodate the large head, followed by a large amount of fullness that feels absolutely amazing. Normally I just rock the head in and out, but if I want to feel that texture and push it in deeper it feels absolutely amazing. I love slow thrusts with this one, and I surprised myself when I slowly took it out and found that I was squirting uncontrollably. The pointed tip of the head isn’t terribly pokey, but I don’t like to direct the top toward my G spot anyway. I loath pin-point pressure on my G spot. My preference is more toward a large surface area of pressure against my G spot, so I rub the sides of the head against mine.
     I don’t really recommend this for couple play. We’ve used it together before, but the size can easily make it too much for me to handle if my girlfriend gets carried away and thrusts too hard or too deep. She once hit my pubic bone with it and it hurt like hell, which is a common concern with all glass toys. Be careful!
     Pipedream’s Icicles packaging is nice. It comes in a cardboard box that’s recyclable, and the dildo lays in a styrofoam tray (which isn’t recyclable). There’s a front cover to the box that’s held closed with a magnet, and opening the flap shows the dildo through a clear plastic window. This dildo doesn’t come with a protective pouch. Since it’s such a big, heavy dildo, I keep it in the original packaging so it won’t put pressure on my other glass dildos during storage.
Overall Rating: 5/5
     It’s the best, no questions asked. I adore it for its pronounced texture, and it’s very pretty to look at. I haven’t yet convinced my girlfriend to let me get a pretty glass curio cabinet to showcase all of my beautiful glass dildos, but if I could get her to let me do it, this one would be the main act with spotlights and streamers.
The Icicles No. 18 is currently $59 CAD ($55.59 US) at