Orgasms and Mental Blocks

I’ve spent my entire sexually mature life dealing with this. With a partner, I can’t fuck cum. Well, I can, but when I lastly go through the pain of allowing myself open during that one fucking session, it’s generally just small orgasms. Every time I make the choice to lastly work towards a clit orgasm, I have to go through this lengthy process of reminding myself to let go and just feel what’s going on. That I can’t always have a clitoral orgasm is driving me bonkers. I’m the G spot orgasm Queen. They come easily and I can squirt a three-foot stream, but I don’t seem to let my partner go enough to have a body-shaking clitoral orgasm–one where it feels as intense as when I masturbate with my salsa solo. I can’t bring myself to cum even with co-masturbation or mutual masturbation with my Salsa.

I’m on a search now. In the next few months, it’s my objective to stop forcing the small little clit orgasms with my partner during sex, and simply let me cum, no matter how long it takes or how many times we have to give up. I’ll finally get there. And I intend to document my failures and achievements and share tips on this strange journey (if I even come up with any tips), as I’m sure there are many females who are struggling with this and tired of the same ancient sorry ass advice from the magazine. You know, the usual, “attempt with a vibrator to spice up your love life! Most women’s vaginal stimulation alone won’t orgasm.”* yawn* We understand that. Vibrators have been attempted by most of us. Most of us have tried with our partners many different toys and techniques, but they don’t get off yet. Perhaps if the media focused less on buying, buying, buying, and more on sexual abuse / body picture issues / mental blocks, all of which prevent orgasm, more couples would have better sex lives. I understand for sure that sexual abuse causes my inner blocks, but right now I’m not going to go into that.

Later on,


Review of Salsa by We Vibe

A HUGE hit in my bedroom is the most raved about the bullet atmosphere (this one, duh). We Vibe’s Salsa is a powerful bullet vibrator that works well for clitoral stimulation and fits perfectly into my favourite Tantus dildos. It is totally waterproof and rechargeable, and it is as powerful as it is asserted. For me, it’s even a little bit.
Design: The atmosphere is made of plastic ABS with a push button on the base of the silicone. It’s difficult, heavy, and totally smooth, except for the We Vibe emblem etched close to the base. I realized that when it is lubed up and slippery, the emblem helps me get a stronger grip on it. At the end there is also a very slight flare that makes it simpler to grip it and take it out of the dildos. The flare does not make it safe for anal use, so don’t attempt to insert this one, please.

ABS plastic is non-porous, hypo-allergenic, simple to wash, simple to disinfect,smooth like any other hell. The plastic or silicone push-button has no funky odor. The soft and shiny plastic is susceptible to scratches, so it comes in handy with the satin storage bag. Cleaning is easy; cleaning toy and washing cloth, soap and water, or wiping toy works excellent. Since it is not porous, if you clean it correctly before sharing, you can share it between partners.

The heft to this vibrator may intimidate the powerful vibrations. If I go one or two weeks without using it, I feel like a small jackhammer is attacking my clit. If it were a lighter vibrator, I believe it would be a bit less intense and easier for some to manage the vibrations. I’m a little energy queen, but it can be overwhelming sometimes.
Functions: All together there are 8 configurations. Four of them consist of steady vibrations at distinct rates, and the other four are distinct patterns. To switch it on, just hit the button and switch it off, you can either cycle through all 8 configurations by pressing the button continually, or click and hold the toy off for 3 seconds. If you switch it off by clicking and holding the button, when you switch it on again, you will remember what setting you were on and resume. There is no option to lock travel. Strength: this is an intense thing. I’d say the intensity scale is about 5 out of 5, and the noise scale is very small 2 out of 5. Lots of volume strength. I saw a couple of writers in reviews comparing Salsa and Mia 2, but I just don’t believe they’re similar. The Mia 2 is small and lightweight, and the Salsa is heavy and powerful. I believe I would finally like to discover the same medium between the two. Something with good weight and strength, but not too overpowering. For solo play and fast orgasms, I appreciate it. It’s a little too much when we attempt to use it during sex. With it, my partner can readily go too rough on my clit, and when I use it on her, she is definitely not used to such powerful vibrations. We think it’s going to be fun to use in a harness that holds a vibrator in place for the wearer’s clitoral stimulation, but we’ll probably maintain it in the highest or second to smallest environment, of course.

It comes with a nice box, a white satin storage pouch holding the charger, the atmosphere, and a tiny bottle of lube. The charger is a bit odd. It comes in two components, with a magnetic head connecting to the atmosphere and then plug it into the cord of charge. In 1.5 hours I get a complete charge. A complete charge will only give me about 40 minutes of play time if I use it at the best level, which kind of bums I get out of. There is no sign that either it will die. As it discharges, the intensity does not deaden, and it will die with a sudden shutdown. I don’t know how many times I was near to orgasm and it just died on me. Whomp whomp whomp.


  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Strong
  • Discreet


  • Short battery life at the lowest setting

Overall Rating: 5/5

Strength: 5/5

Volume: 2/5

It’s a good atmosphere all around. I’m happy about my buy. I’d just alter its weight because it makes the vibrations even more intense. The life of the battery sucks, but I just learned to maintain the charger on hand, and I charge it every four or so uses. I’m probably going to buy a We Vibe Tango quickly, only if my Salsa dies on me. The Salsa has been stopped, but the Tango has the same powerful engine and vibrations. The only distinction between the two is the head shapes, where the Salsa ends at one stage, and the Tango ends with a flat slant.
Unfortunately, the salsa was discontinued. But the We-Vibe Tango can be picked up! Same powerful engine, but with a distinct design.
The Tango is accessible for $79.99 on Early2Bed.
At LoveHoney, the Tango is also accessible for $79.99

Review of Black Magic Super Bullet by Doc Johnson

I’m a rumbling vibrator lover. More than the usual buzzy bullet, my clit requires. I need to have authority. Even for me, Mia 2 didn’t do it. I’ve been looking at Doc Johnson’s Black Magic line for a while now, and I’ve been looking for something big and strong to use with my partner so she won’t lose my clit in the darkness of our space. I also wanted to experiment with placing a vibrator between us while we were doing tribadism, and my little, slippery Salsa dancing just didn’t work.

The best choice seemed to be the Black Magic Super Bullet. It’s large and velvety that I thought would help maintain it between our lips. It’s a bit strong as well.

Credit: Wikipedia I have recently been experimenting with stimulating my clitoris glands throughout their entire length. The clitoris is not just that small little nub that stands out from the top of the labia, to tell the truth. Glands are spreading deep under the labia and wrapping around the vagina. Reading the Fairy Wand review by Secretly Sensuous, and I discovered that lengthy, slow massages helped boost my clit’s entirety. As I graduated from this, I found out what better way to boost the whole thing than with a rumbly big ass vibrator?

Design: A gigantic pill reminds me of the Black Magic Super Bullet. It’s a ideal cylinder with no bumps or elevated texture, and rounded each end. It’s insertable for 6′′ long, 5′′. The circumference is 5′′. There is a push button on the end of the battery cap with a energy sign The battery cap has an o-ring which makes it waterproof. The cap and the vibrator also have two elevated lines. You know it’s properly sealed when you match the lines and water won’t flow through. It also comes with a very thin plastic strap attached to the cap of the battery. I don’t understand the hell for which the strap is. I finally removed it because it’s such a thin strap that it’s cut a little bit into my wrist. But the strap is at least plastic, not cotton; it is not porous. Woohoo!

Credit: Doc Johnson Function: This is just three levels of steady vibrations. It requires three AA batteries and just hit the energy button to switch it on. The first environment is the lowest, and from there it increases two more rates. You have to cycle through all three configurations to switch it off, which is kind of a bummer, your thing is discretion. It is also the loudest vibrator I own, in terms of volume, about 3 out of 5. The vibrations aren’t as rough and powerful as my Mona 2, but I didn’t expect it to be a jackhammer.

Use: So how did my entire clitoris stimulate? She served her purpose. It’s not a fast orgasm, but it’s beautiful to work my way up to the greatest environment. This is by no means a fast get-off, and it takes time to get used to not getting direct stimulation on just the head of the clitoris (for me at least). I like the slower vibrations of the Black Magic Super Bullet. It’s a slow, powerful rumble even at the greatest environment, and my labia and clitoris seem to appreciate it a lot. I admit I got frustrated a couple of times when orgasm just didn’t happen, but in my mind this method is more of a practice or exercise than an orgasm of a surefire.

We have not attempted to use it as far as tribadism is concerned. On my portion, the concept was badly scheduled.


  • resistant to water


  • Loud!
  • Not as strong as I had expected for

Overall Rating: 3/5

Strength: 3/5

Volume: 3.5/5

If it were stronger, I would enjoy it more. I believe it’s a nice price purchase, but it’s not supposed to be the primary go – to atmosphere as I would imagine it would leave many individuals frustrated.

The Super Bullet Black Magic is available for $29.99 on

My List of Regrettable Sex Toys I’m Trying not To Remember

After reading the list of “Terrible Sex Toys I Used to Lust After” by Epiphora, I thought I was supposed to write my own list of wonky toys I bought before I was informed about the significance of sex toy matierals. Trust me, I wanted to shove my vagina up a lot of a questionable thing.

I was on a budget and believed it was better to have a larger one. I thought it wouldn’t be good enough for smaller dildos and vibrators and I didn’t understand it was vital to warm up. If I had to choose only one, I would have to choose the largest one, cuz then I would have to be happy, right? Right… (wrong).

Okay, that thing. It’s not the precise model I owned and create it, but I purchased it about 5 years ago and can no longer find the product page. It was a HUGE thing! And since I was a newbie to fuck my own vagina, I didn’t know that I wasn’t turned on enough to manage it and that I used anything that came as a free donation that was inexpensive. Sigh* Thanks to goodness, as it was made of rubber, I did not end up with some insane vaginal irritation. Don’t fuck the toys of rubber!So I went on to purchase after this terrible experience… this frightening ass jelly dildo. I attempted JELLY in fact! I didn’t end up with any severe chemical burns or allergic reactions, thank you jeebus, but it smelled horrid and stained my shelf after I gave up trying to fuck it and set it aside as a funny decoration for my room. The base ultimately melted and oozed chemicals a bit and ruined the finish of my shelf after an prolonged stay on my shelf where it stood there for about 4 months. Grrr. Maybe 3 times, with condoms and once without, I attempted to use it. There are no insane responses. Please don’t even believe about using Jelly, please. It’s forgiving! It retains for ever bacteria and body fluids and soap chemicals and errythang! It can also cause severe vaginal irritation and chemical burns.

Ok, again, not the same as pictured, but once in a while somebody purchased me something very comparable. The second time I smelled the rancid jelly, I was supposed to dump them. They likely felt like I would stretch out my virtuous vajay with an insertable length no longer than 3′′ if they actually bought me something that was a little larger and pleasing. I mean, I don’t need a huge thing like the ones shown above, but it was laughable. Finally, I threw away the jelly sleeve and used only the vibrator that went with it.

Review of Icicles No. 18 by Pipedream

I understand I’ve already said it, but I’m a complete glass dildo addict, and I enjoy texture. I wish it had a more pronounced texture and a little more girth from the time I attempted my first glass dildo, the Pink Double G. I had to have it when I saw a close-up picture of the texture on Icicles No. 18. The texture combined with the dildo’s big bulbous head and severe curve really rocked my world and still didn’t disappoint me.

(Yeah, I used the album of Grizzly Bear as my background. Whateva.) This glass dildo is made of borosilicate glass, or Pyrex, making it a shattering evidence. While it’s shattered proof, it’s not entirely unbreakable, but if it experiences a fall it won’t break into a million parts. It will simply break into big pieces instead, preventing injury from small glass shards. As it is resistant to breaking during extreme temperature modifications, borosilicate glass is also good for temperature play. You can pop it in a tank of hot or cold water, or if you like, placed it in the fridge. Note that it is not advised to freeze glass dildos because it can cause vagina or anus injury.
My No. 18 is 8 1/2′′ long, and circumference 4 3/4′′ at the widest point of each head, and circumference 3 3/4′′ at the thinest point in the center of the shaft. Due to the handmade glass dildos, dimensions differ. The curve is nearly an angle of 45 ° and is nearest to the dildo’s head, making it ideal for spot G or stimulation of the prostate. You can insert either end, and the handle’s two bulbs give a slight feeling of popping. It’s also secure from anal. The generous curve stops the dildo from being sucked into the anus, but because of its absence of a flared base, some would prefer to prevent using it for anal. Since my ass can’t accommodate such a huge dildo, I haven’t attempted it for anal yet. This dildo is truly beautiful. A kind of royal blue with some purple undertones is the blue of the raised bumps. The handle’s red flower is flawless. With it, I’m impressed.

This dildo loves my G spot. There’s a very powerful popping feeling when I first insert it as my labia extends to accommodate the big head, followed by a lot of fullness that feels totally incredible. Normally I’m just rocking my head in and out, but if I want to feel that texture and push it deeper, it’s feeling incredible. With this one, I enjoy slow thrusts, and when I slowly took it out, I amazed myself and discovered that I squirted uncontrollably. The head’s pointed tip is not terribly pokey, but I still don’t like directing the top to my G spot. On my G spot, I load pin-point stress. My preference is more for a big pressure surface against my G spot, so I rub the head sides against mine.
I really don’t suggest this for a couple game. We used it together before, but when my girlfriend gets carried away and thrusts too hard or too deep, the size can quickly make it too much for me to manage. She struck my pubic bone with it once and it hurts like hell, a prevalent problem with all glass toys. Be cautious!

The packaging of Pipedream’s Icicles is lovely. It comes in a recyclable cardboard box, and the dildo lies in a (not recyclable) styrofoam tray. There is a front cover to the box that is closed with a magnet, and a transparent plastic window displays the dildo opening the flap. A protective pouch doesn’t come with this dildo. I keep it in the original packaging because it’s such a big, heavy dildo, so it won’t put pressure on my other glass dildos during storage.
Overall rating: 5/5 No questions asked, it’s the best. I love it because of its pronounced texture, and to look at it is very nice. I haven’t persuaded my sister yet to let me get a lovely glass curio cabinet to display all my lovely glass dildos, but if I could get her to let me do that, this would be the primary act with spotlights and streamers.
At, the Icicles No. 18 is presently $59 CAD ($55.59 US).