Review of Fetish Fantasy Elite Universal Beginner’s Harness by Pipedream

It’s definitely a mouthful name. Say that quickly 5x. Just don’t blame me for biteting off your tongue. Pipedream’s Fetish Fantasy Elite Universal Beginners ‘ Harness is a cheap double strap harness with a stretchy o-ring that fits a variety of distinct dimensions of dildo. But it certainly won’t fit as it advertises a variety of distinct waist dimensions.

That was our first harness strap-on. I was on the market for a double strap harness that either came to accommodate a range of dildos with various o-rings or a very stretchy o-ring. I was taken in by the cost ($25-30 with most internet distributors), and I thought I was hitting the jackpot at first, but now I hate that strap-on.
The harness cover is produced of neoprene and vinyl, with a glossy vinyl on the front and a cushy neoprene on the back. While the wearer’s pad is lovely and cushy, neoprene is porous and difficult to wash. The shiny vinyl by shining it with a damp cloth is easy to clean, but it is also porous and can not be washed completely. The instructions for care tell you to spot it with a damp cloth and prevent the strap-on being totally submerged in water. This sort of thing turns me off using it. The neoprene returns to direct contact with the genitalia of the wearer and soaks a bunch of body fluids naturally. I don’t want to bother if I can’t clean it in a manner that I think is actually getting it clean. We go against the instructions of care and generally use antibacterial soap to wash it in the sink. Before storage, I lay it flat to let it dry entirely.
When my partner thrusts too deeply, the vinyl face hurts when it reaches my clitoris or labia. It’s a very tacky material, and when we were in mid-thrust, it grabbed my clit and pulled the clit cap upwards. It’s not good. I had no trouble with this strap-on before, because I had no first-hand experience as the wearer, but my clit was attacked by his face the third time we used it, and now I would rather burn it in a fire. To fuck with you! Once we get a Rodeoh harness, I’ll probably throw it in our bonfire and dance naked around it. Okay, it’s not so severe. But the pain was so bad seriously.
It is advertised that this strap-on can fit up to a 44′′ waist. I don’t understand how it can even be done. The top waist strap fits hardly around the waist of my partner and is a 36′′. I don’t know how many times when she put the harness on, we struggled to get the nylon straps back into the slip buckle. Perhaps there was only one inch remaining of slack once we secured it around her waist.
The wearer also finds the straps very uncomfortable. During thrusts, she said she encountered a lot of chaffing, and when we struggled to get it back on her, the edges of the straps on her breasts and waist were a bit rough against the delicate skin. Once we lastly got them on properly, the buckles and straps remain in place, but it’s such a trouble that I’m thinking about purchasing a leather harness and skipping nylon / buckle type harnesses… and I’m a vegetarian who would usually avoid leather entirely.

Overall rating: 2/5

Before buying this one, I should have studied the products. It’s a big turn-off I can’t carefully wash it. I don’t understand what kind of “waist” they advertise as appropriate. Maybe it’s the low-rising waist of jeans that might actually qualify as a hip size, but it’s certainly not going to fit a 44′′ normal waist or elevated waist size.

Update: I’ve broken the harness formally. It seems the O ring has stretched out entirely and will no longer accommodate our Tantus Echo. If I clench my PC muscles as long as she pulls out, the Echo slides out of the O ring right away. That has already occurred three times! A bummer like that.

If you want the Fetish Fantasy Beginner Harness to try your luck, it’s available for $29.99 on Pick up some additional O rings if your rings stretch out like mine did. This three pack will also allow you to use dildos of distinct sizes.