Revew of Mia 2 by Lelo

Lelo’s Mia 2 is a rose, purple, and black USB rechargeable clitoral vibrator. When I bought mine, I chose the rose. I had a couple of months to get to understand Mia 2, and lastly I got a better knowledge of how I feel about this vibrator.

It’s plastic, hypo-allergenic, latex-free, phthalate-free, and it’s secure for the body. Soap and water work best for me, but cleaning it can also be done with toy wipes or toy cleaner. Anal insertion is not secure because there is no flared base to stop it from getting lost!
Allegedly the Mia 2 is 100 percent stronger than Lelo’s original Mia, but I haven’t tried the original so I can’t comment on it. It’s totally waterproof, though. I know some people had problems with the cap that protects the original version of the USB plug, so they felt it wasn’t secure to get close to water. The fresh cap has a system of twist-locking that keeps it from randomly popping off. I haven’t had any problems with that. Functions: to turn it on, you click the+ button. Holding the + down carries it to its greatest vibration setting for a few seconds. Once you have reached the largest setting, you can press the + button again to enter the patterns of vibration, which are random escalations, waves, pulses, and the last setting is a totally random pattern. With this vibe you can’t alter the pattern intensities as you can with the Mona 2.
One thing I’ve learned is that it has an alternative to shut down quickly. If you simultaneously hit both the + and –button, the toy will shut off rapidly without a break. It’s not intuitive, so when you turn it on again, it won’t remember which setting you left off. Hitting the+ and–buttons at the same time is very simple. I can do it readily during use with just my thumb.

There is also an alternative to travel lock when pressing and holding+ and-. By turning on the light on the front of the control panel as you press the buttons, it will switch off once the travel lock is triggered. If you press either of the buttons, the light will not switch on when it is locked. You just hold the+ and –buttons for a few seconds to unlock it.

Strength: It’s not so good in terms of vibrations. Vibration strengths range from a 1 vroom to a small 3 out of 5 vrooms. The Mia 2’s light weight makes the vibrations a little weak. They would feel more intense if it were a stronger vibrator. I think it might be a good fit for those who don’t need a lot of clit vibes oomph, but it’s a bit boring for me. As usual, the Mia 2 comes in Lelo’s lovely packaging, complete with a lovely black storage box that would work great for long-term storage, and a black satin bag that holds the vibrator beautifully. It also comes with a sample pack of water-based lube from Lelo and a product authentication card that is helpful when using their 1 year warranty. If anything goes wrong with the toy, just get in touch with Lelo and they’ll assist you.

What I think about the Mia 2: for partner play, it’s fantastic. My partner with my Salsa is a little intimidated. When she wants to use a vibe on me, she can not get a decent grip on the Salsa. There is a smooth triangular point on the cap with the Mia 2, which fits beautifully between the forefinger and thumb. Neither of us encountered the Mia 2 with any hand numbness. Charging is also fast. You can fit the USB plug into any USB charging port or laptop, and it only takes an hour and a half to charge mine completely. To die is also fast. When I use it, I need it to get any enjoyment from it at the greatest environment. Two sessions that are fairly lengthy and it’s dead.


  • USB Rechargeable
  • Waterproof


  • Weak
  • Overpriced and Overrated

overall rating: 2/5

Strength: 3/5

Volume: 1.5/5

It is an overpriced vibrator. Not stronger than the ancient fashioned wand vibrators requiring 1 AA battery. The price definitely isn’t worth it. The USB charger is the only incredible factor for this atmosphere. I like plugging it into USB charging adapters and passing it as a gig stick. Nobody is suspecting what it is. I enjoy the other Lelo products that I tried, but for me this one was a bust.