Review: Pink Double G by SSA Glass

Before purchasing the Pink Double G, I had always wanted to try glass dildos. This was my very first glass piece and I saw that it was on sale, so I had to give it a try. I was a little worried. I kept hearing about texture and newbies not being a good mix. But I had an inkling that my G-spot would love texture even though I had no first hand experience with texture and a rigid, hard toy.

     The Pink Double G is a double ended glass dildo that isn’t intended for use by two partners at once, but instead acts as a dildo with two possibilities. On one end there’s a swirl of raised glass. On the other end are raised nubs. Both create different sensations. The swirl kind of gives me a very light popping sensation when I thrust it slowly. The nubbed end is still my favorite, because the nubs on mine are more raised and pronounced than the other.

     My Pink Double G measures at 7 1/2″ long, and both heads are 4 5/8″ in circumference, with the shaft shrinking to 3 3/4″ in circumference at its smallest point. It weighs about 10 oz. so it isn’t the heaviest glass dildo out there, but it also isn’t the smallest. The pointed heads aren’t terribly pokey, and they make insertion easier. The nubs on mine are more pronounced than the swirl at the opposite end. Keep in mind that glass dildos are handmade so each one will be just a little different.

The Pink Double G isn’t intended for anal use. There’s no flared base to prevent it from being lost in the anal cavity, but the curves of this dildo can work as a preventative measure if you were to try it out for anal use. I think it would be too large and curved to really get lost in your butt, but please use caution. If you have a good grip on this dildo there shouldn’t be a problem, but because of this I wouldn’t recommend this dildo to first time users who are looking to experiment with anal.

     If you haven’t heard of the health benefits of glass pieces, I’d just like to share those really quick. This isn’t fragile glass that can break easily, it’s a kind of Pyrex glass and is shatter resistant. It can still break upon impact though, so care should be made to prevent any traumas or scrapes to the dildo. Besides that, it’s hypo-allergenic, sanitizable, body safe, and safe to share with partners so long as you sanitize it in between. You can sanitize it by boiling it, popping it in the dishwasher (on the top rack, with no detergent and on the sanitizing cycle), or washing it down with a bleach/water solution. It’s also compatible with any kind of lube.
     This one is still one of my absolute favorites. I purchased it in March and have acquired many a glass dildo since then. I still turn to this once in awhile because it’s like my old faithful. I think it would be great as a first time glass piece to users who know they enjoy texture. If you don’t enjoy texture, I would suggest you get The Bent Graduate, or something like it since there are many variations of that design.
     It comes in a red velvet pouch with a draw string, wrapped in bubble wrap, and with no directions. The velvet pouch isn’t padded or very thick, so it won’t protect the dildo from impacts from falls. Don’t store glass dildos on top of each other or underneath heavier toys.     Worth noting is that SSA Glass is a company that’s based out of and manufactures in China.Overall Rating: 4/5
It’s a great glass dildo, but I would have liked the swirled texture to be more pronounced. It also has very minor flaws along the length of the swirls, but they don’t cause discomfort. No scrapes, scratches, or knicks. It’s still completely smooth and gorgeous.

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