Review of Pink Double G by SSA Glass

I always wanted to try glass dildos before buying the Pink Double G. It was my very first piece of glass and I saw it was on sold, so I had to try it out. I was worried a little bit. I kept hearing that texture wasn’t a nice blend and newbies. But I knew my G-spot would love texture even though I didn’t have any first-hand texture experience and a stiff, tough toy.

The Pink Double G is a double-ended glass dildo that is not designed to be used simultaneously by two partners, but functions as a two-way dildo. There is a swirl of elevated glass on one end. Nubs are raised at the other end. Both generate sensations that are distinct. The kind of swirl that provides me a very light popping feeling when I gently push it. The nubbed end is still my favorite, as my nubs are higher and more pronounced than the other.

My Pink Double G measures 7 1/2′′ long and both heads have a circumference of 4 5/8′′ with the shaft shrinking at its lowest point to 3 3/4′′ in circumference. It weighs approximately 10 oz. So it’s not the heaviest dildo glass out there, but it’s not the lowest one either. The pointed heads are not terribly pokey, and they facilitate insertion. The nubs on mine at the opposite end are more pronounced than the swirl. Keep in mind that glass dildos are handmade in order to make each one a little different.

The Pink Double G for anal use is not designed. There is no flared base to stop it from being lost in the anal cavity, but if you were to attempt it for anal use, the curves of this dildo could function as a preventive measure. I believe it’d be too big and curved to get lost in your ass, but be careful, please. There shouldn’t be a problem if you have a good grip on this dildo, but that’s why I wouldn’t recommend this dildo to first-time customers looking to experiment with anal.

If you haven’t heard of glass pieces ‘ health advantages, I would just like to share those really fast. It’s not fragile glass that can break readily, it’s kind of Pyrex glass and it’s resistant to shattering. However, it can still break the effect, so care should be taken to avoid any trauma or scrapes to the dildo. Besides that, sharing with partners as long as you sanitize it in between is hypo-allergenic, sanitizable, secure and secure. By boiling it, popping it in the dishwasher (on the top rack, without detergent and on the sanitizing cycle), you can sanitize it or wash it down with a bleach / water solution. It is compatible with any type of lube as well.
One of my absolute favourites is this one. I bought it in March and since then I’ve bought a lot of glass dildo. Once in a while, I’m still turning to this because it’s like my old believers. I believe it would be good for customers who know they appreciate texture as a first glass piece. If you don’t appreciate texture, I’d suggest that you get The Bent Graduate, or something like it, as there are many differences in that design.

It comes with a draw string in a red velvet pouch, wrapped in bubble wrap and without direction. The velvet pouch is not lined or very dense, so it will not safeguard the dildo against falling effects. Do not store glass dildos on top of each other or heavier toys underneath.     Worth noting is that SSA Glass is a firm based in China. Overall rating: 4/5 It is a excellent glass dildo, but I would have liked the swirled texture to be more pronounced. There are also very minor flaws along the swirl length, but they do not cause discomfort. No scraping, scratching, or knicking. It’s still smooth and beautiful.

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