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Vibrators are used to achieve orgasms. Real orgasms, not a slight twinge of pleasure. So let’s not “beat around the bush.” Vibrators are about coming, which is a good thing for both men and women.
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Why bring up the totally obvious? Because, for too many people, most of them women, orgasms are the forgotten elephant in the sex room. About 30% of women say they have difficulty reaching orgasm when having sex with a partner.

How many women who use a vibrator regularly have trouble reaching orgasm? Zero. Well, that’s not completely true. There is one woman in Schenectady who doesn’t want to hurt her vibrator’s feelings, even though its batteries ran out years ago.

So, if vibrators help women when they are alone, it only makes sense for couples to use them together.
Other reasons couples use vibrators
But even people who have no trouble achieving orgasm enjoy using vibrators. That’s because vibrators:

Make orgasms feel more intense;
Make multiple orgasms possible or more likely;
Bring more variety to sex play, encouraging sex more often; and
Can make sex last longer
Yet, despite all these good reasons, some couples still are not using vibrators in their sex play. Perhaps one partner has a hangup about sex, or he believes one of the myths about vibrators, or they just don’t know how to introduce them into their lovemaking. Let’s take care of those problems right now.


Many women who are experienced with vibrators may be reluctant to bring a novice into the picture. She already knows what feels good and how to get there. Bringing a goofy new trainee up to speed may not be her first priority. There’s an easy fix for this. It starts with her partner asking, “Let me watch,” and it ends with him saying, “Now let’s try this.” Problem solved.
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Which type of couple are you?


If you are in this category, you need to stop talking and start shopping. Bringing a vibrator into your sex play will open new worlds. You’ll probably start sending anniversary cards to each other to commemorate the first time.

Ready to Experiment

You’ve heard about using vibrators as a couple, but don’t know much about it. You’d like to, though. Do they require scaffolding and hydraulic lifts? Hardly ever! If you’re open to pleasurable new experiences, you are prime candidates for vibration-related sex play as a couple.


Yes, you and your partner have good sex. But, no, you’ve never thought about using any kind of external device in the process. Where should you begin? Right here, of course, with a quick graduation to In no time at all, you’ll be discussing power settings and rotation methods like old hands.




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