Myths about vibrators

Using a vibrator causes thick calluses to develop “down there.”
OK, no one thinks that. But some do believe that using a vibrator makes it difficult or impossible for a woman to orgasm without one. Not true. And you will not become addicted to using a vibrator. You will, however, wonder what all the fuss was about once you use one.
Silky Finishes
Once vibrators enter the picture, the penis becomes just another obsolete accessory.
If vibrators were going to replace penises, natural selection would have taken care of that long ago. But let’s face it: the penis is not designed to stimulate the clitoris effectively in most positions. If it were, it would have a little attachment on it like a rabbit vibrator.

That doesn’t mean that the mighty member is worthless. Use it effectively in many different ways. Just don’t ignore the benefits that modern technology can offer.

Vibrators are cold, lifeless devices that make sex seem mechanical and impersonal.
Welcome to the 21st Century, Luddite. The “Steely Dan” of yesteryear has been augmented with many soft, inviting playthings that will bring warmth and happiness to your life.

What if…?
OK, now you’re just thinking of excuses. Quit stalling and get busy.

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