Hangups about vibrators

If you are not already using vibrators as a couple, it may because at least one of you has some sexual hangups. Let’s see if we can’t get those out of the way.

Sex is for procreation only.
Whoops, that’s a tough one. If an orgasm is not important to you for its own sake, there isn’t much we can say that would convince you. Are you sure you know what an orgasm is?

Using a device to achieve an orgasm seems kinky.
Some people believe it is wrong to take additional or untried steps to make an orgasm possible. But a vibrator really isn’t much different than trying another position during sex. So, unless that’s wrong too, you should consider dropping this hangup.
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Masturbation makes me feel guilty and that’s what using a vibrator seems like.
Here’s your chance to chuck this hangup once and for all. Using a vibrator together is not the same thing as sneaking into the coat closet for a quickie with yourself. You’re doing it together! Later, you can bring it into the coat closet and try it on yourself.

No one’s sticking nothin’ in my butt.
That’s a double negative which really says that everyone… Oh, never mind. Anal play is only one of the ways to use some vibrators, so if that’s not your thing, then stick to the non-butt-related products and methods. You’ll still get your money’s worth.

I’m just too shy.
Ever since we first tried to discuss our pee-pees at the dinner table, we learned that such talk isn’t always appropriate. Some of us took this too far and became shy about ever discussing sex, with anyone. The cure is simple. Introduce the topic once, briefly. Then bring it up again, also briefly. Then again for a longer period of time. And so on. Before long, you’re installing eye bolts in the ceililng for the trapeze.

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