Review of Spunk Lube

All right, all right. I was initially a little skeptical about attempting a “Spunk” lube. After all, I am a lesbian. I’ve loaned that shit a lot of moons ago. I thought the consistency would mortify me because it would remind me of masculine cum. But I thought I’d give it a shot when Jeff struck me with an offer to try their lubes. You can never get enough lube, and I never had the enjoyment to try out a hybrid of water and silicone, so why not?

I asked for the Spunk Hybrid lube initially. It is a lube based on water and silicone, making it a hybrid. When my package arrived, I was happy to see that they sent me all three! Yay! Now I can attempt and compare all of their row of lubes.

Spunk lube has coated it, depending on your requirements. The Spunk Hybrid can be used safely with all your toys (silicone or otherwise) and it really takes a long time. It is also secure during oral sex, so when you go from one routine to the next, do not worry about having to wash it off. Spunk Pink provides the same compatibility with silicone toys without glycerin, so if you have a sensitivity to glycerin, it will work good for you. The Spunk Pure silicone is fantastic for anal, and the glass dildos work great. It comes with just 4 components and is free of parabens and glycerin.

Spunk Pure Silicone: This is a silicone-based lube that makes use of silicone toys unfit. My girlfriend and I don’t always use silicone toys that often make it great to have a silicone lube at hand. With glass toys it operates fantastic and after use it does not dry out or leave an oily residue. This one is not at all the same as cum. It’s a definite lube made up of four silicone oils and that’s it.

Ingredients: Cyclohexasiloxane, dimethicone, dimethiconol, cylopentasiloxane.

Spunk Hybrid: This is the main cum lube and it looks more like cum than the rest. I got the 8 oz. A bottle with a push-down nozzle like a lotion bottle, which makes it easy to grab a handful when we’re in the middle of sex. It is also secure by mouth and has no funky flavour.

My first impression; it looks like sperm. Not only male cum, but my own as well. It’s a dense consistency that reminds me of a gel lube, but it’s not like Aloe Vera gel, more like a hair conditioner. It is not at all sticky. I played with a wad in my hand as I wrote this review. I took a dime in one side and played with it to see how it was going to dry up a little bit. It ultimately absorbed into my hand and left no strange, sticky or oily residue behind it. There is no smell, but there is a very weak taste, but it is not unpleasant.

Ingredients: Water, Dimethicone, Cyclohexasiloxane, Propylene Glycol, Hydroxymethylcellulose, Glycerin, Methylparaben.

Spunk Pink: Probably this is my line favorite. It’s beautiful and purple, more like Aloe Vera gel than the initial Spunk Hybrid lube. When I tested them out by squirting a little on paper and then tilting it for 20 seconds, it was the slowest to run down the piece of paper. It has a very weak mint fragrance and tastes like flouride gel from a dentist’s office (but not as powerful or gross). Without leaving a pink dye, the pink dries clear.

I also performed for a while with this one, taking it a little in my hand and spreading it out and letting it dry. No oily or sticky residue, and after it dries, the smell and taste are gone entirely.

Ingredients: Water, Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclohexasiloxane, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Propylene Glycol, Methylparaben, Red 40, Hydroxymethylcellulose.

Overall rating: 4.5/5 No parabens for the hybrid lubes are the only change I would like to see. I’m impressed other than that. For the time being, my Sliquid was retired.

Thank you, SPUNK Lube! Take a look at them on Twitter and tell Jeff hey. They are very friendly and helpful.

Spunk Lube, Spunk Lube Hybrid and Spunk Lube Pink, in exchange for my frank review, were given free of charge. This conforms to FTC norms. *

Review of Purr by Tantus

Seriously, one of the dildos I’ve ever attempted most underrated. I don’t understand why this glorious hunk of silicone doesn’t rave more individuals. Originally, I purchased this as my very first Tantus dildo, mostly for solo use, but potentially with a potential partner if I ever sucked someone into settling with me. Now that I have acquired more experience with it, unless my partner is in the mood for very slow sex, I prefer it for solo play.

Let’s just get to this toy’s boring techniques. It’s silicone, meaning it’s non-porous, free from phthalates, free from latex, sanitizable, and secure for the body. By boiling it, placing it in the dishwasher (without dish washing detergent and only on top rack), you can sanitize it, or you can wash it down with a 10% bleach solution and water. You can just wash it down with an antibacterial soap and water and call it a day if you’re not sharing it between partners or in separate orifices. It is essential that toys between anal and vaginal use are correctly sanitized so that bacteria are not spread. When using it between partners, the same safety precautions should be taken. Storage can be somewhat complicated. It’s produced of an absolute lint magnet, a strong, tacky silicone. I hold it without the sleeve in the initial packaging. I heard about others using ziplock plastic bags. By properly keeping it away, I generally don’t have to wash it down before using it. I take a close look at it to make sure it didn’t pick up a ton of hair and lint between uses.
The Purr measures 7′′ long, with an insertable length of 6 1/2′′ and a circumference of 4 3/4′′. The shaft has a very small curve making the ribbing really hit my G-spot. The flared base makes it secure anal and great for playing harness. It’s standing upright in a harness and not floping around a lot. The rounded head is not much bigger than the remainder of the shaft, but as you work your way past the head, the shaft becomes narrower. As you insert it past the head, there is a very slight feeling of popping. It certainly makes me feel complete.
For solo play, I enjoy this dildo. More than my Echo, more than any dildo of glass I have, and more than vibrators of G-spot. For solo, to really feel all the ribs, I like using slow thrusts. It’s like the ribs are asking me to have an orgasm and it just takes it out of me. It’s not the best, strapped to my partner. The sensations provided by the ribs are diluted by rapid pumping, and the rigid silicone makes accidental bumping of the cervix a significant pain. For strap-on sex, I prefer my Echo.
One advantage for Tantus dildos is that some come with a vibrating bullet that you can swap for another brand. With these Tantus bullets, I don’t have much luck. I heard it was meant to be multi-speed, but mine was just one-speed. I enjoy being about the same size as my We Vibe Salsa. The Salsa suits the Purr perfectly. Just add a little lube and, once you’re done, it’ll be easy to remove it. The vibrations travel nicely up and down the Purr’s shaft and really make those ribs feel 10x better. Overall rating: 5/5 While due to my shallow cervix it doesn’t work great for me during strap-on sex, it’s still a wonderful hunk of silicone and I love it for solo sessions.

Revew of Mia 2 by Lelo

Lelo’s Mia 2 is a rose, purple, and black USB rechargeable clitoral vibrator. When I bought mine, I chose the rose. I had a couple of months to get to understand Mia 2, and lastly I got a better knowledge of how I feel about this vibrator.

It’s plastic, hypo-allergenic, latex-free, phthalate-free, and it’s secure for the body. Soap and water work best for me, but cleaning it can also be done with toy wipes or toy cleaner. Anal insertion is not secure because there is no flared base to stop it from getting lost!
Allegedly the Mia 2 is 100 percent stronger than Lelo’s original Mia, but I haven’t tried the original so I can’t comment on it. It’s totally waterproof, though. I know some people had problems with the cap that protects the original version of the USB plug, so they felt it wasn’t secure to get close to water. The fresh cap has a system of twist-locking that keeps it from randomly popping off. I haven’t had any problems with that. Functions: to turn it on, you click the+ button. Holding the + down carries it to its greatest vibration setting for a few seconds. Once you have reached the largest setting, you can press the + button again to enter the patterns of vibration, which are random escalations, waves, pulses, and the last setting is a totally random pattern. With this vibe you can’t alter the pattern intensities as you can with the Mona 2.
One thing I’ve learned is that it has an alternative to shut down quickly. If you simultaneously hit both the + and –button, the toy will shut off rapidly without a break. It’s not intuitive, so when you turn it on again, it won’t remember which setting you left off. Hitting the+ and–buttons at the same time is very simple. I can do it readily during use with just my thumb.

There is also an alternative to travel lock when pressing and holding+ and-. By turning on the light on the front of the control panel as you press the buttons, it will switch off once the travel lock is triggered. If you press either of the buttons, the light will not switch on when it is locked. You just hold the+ and –buttons for a few seconds to unlock it.

Strength: It’s not so good in terms of vibrations. Vibration strengths range from a 1 vroom to a small 3 out of 5 vrooms. The Mia 2’s light weight makes the vibrations a little weak. They would feel more intense if it were a stronger vibrator. I think it might be a good fit for those who don’t need a lot of clit vibes oomph, but it’s a bit boring for me. As usual, the Mia 2 comes in Lelo’s lovely packaging, complete with a lovely black storage box that would work great for long-term storage, and a black satin bag that holds the vibrator beautifully. It also comes with a sample pack of water-based lube from Lelo and a product authentication card that is helpful when using their 1 year warranty. If anything goes wrong with the toy, just get in touch with Lelo and they’ll assist you.

What I think about the Mia 2: for partner play, it’s fantastic. My partner with my Salsa is a little intimidated. When she wants to use a vibe on me, she can not get a decent grip on the Salsa. There is a smooth triangular point on the cap with the Mia 2, which fits beautifully between the forefinger and thumb. Neither of us encountered the Mia 2 with any hand numbness. Charging is also fast. You can fit the USB plug into any USB charging port or laptop, and it only takes an hour and a half to charge mine completely. To die is also fast. When I use it, I need it to get any enjoyment from it at the greatest environment. Two sessions that are fairly lengthy and it’s dead.


  • USB Rechargeable
  • Waterproof


  • Weak
  • Overpriced and Overrated

overall rating: 2/5

Strength: 3/5

Volume: 1.5/5

It is an overpriced vibrator. Not stronger than the ancient fashioned wand vibrators requiring 1 AA battery. The price definitely isn’t worth it. The USB charger is the only incredible factor for this atmosphere. I like plugging it into USB charging adapters and passing it as a gig stick. Nobody is suspecting what it is. I enjoy the other Lelo products that I tried, but for me this one was a bust.

Keep Kegels On Point

So, kegel exercises… they seem to assist with urinary incontinence and increase the probability and intensity of orgasms. I naturally thought that meant G-spot orgasms, but I came to discover it can also mean clitoral orgasms by some testing and reading.
Many sex therapists will notice that those struggling with a partner’s clitoral orgasm should attempt pelvic rocking and squeezing the PC muscle during sex. Apparently a certain amount of vaginal muscle tension can improve and facilitate clitoral orgasms. I never created this link with a partner on my own because I thought that I had to do the same thing with them as having orgasms on my own. That’s nothing. I’m just pressing my clit on my mood and I’m going away. No rocking, no clenching of muscles, nothing. As you can imagine, when I just couldn’t have an orgasm, this resulted to a lot of sexual frustration, no fault with my partners, previous and present.
I also realized that clitoral stimulation is a little too powerful and overwhelming for me without any kind of PC muscle tension. I feel overwhelmed when my partner directly stimulates my clit with her fingers, and sometimes it can even hurt. If, while I receive clitoral stimulation, I squeeze my PC muscles, this enables me harness that overwhelming sensation and ultimately transforms into enjoyment. For me, that’s a wonderful achievement. I had my first clitoral orgasm at a partner’s hands lately. I’ve been sexually active for 10 years now and I’m lastly achieving orgasm from my clitoris with a fully controlled partner right now. That doesn’t mean I have any problems with G-spot orgasms. I’m a pro-G spotter in fact. But with my partner, I always wanted to have mind-numbing clit orgasms.
So why do I share this? Do not write off kegel exercises or exercise equipment to anyone with powerful PC muscles (I can shoot a dildo across the room). For G-spot orgasms and urinary incontinence, I believed kegel balls were only helpful. While my PC muscles are very powerful, using kegel balls has helped me figure out how to correctly use my muscles during sex. It kind of reminded me where they are and how much heck I have to do with them.
I don’t have any particular kegel balls suggestions and what to attempt as a beginner. I’ve only tried one, Cal Exotics’ L’amour Pleasure System. Personally, I’m not pleased with them, but they helped me figure out how to concentrate on my PC muscles ‘ strength. I’m going to check them out soon.
Please leave me a comment below or shoot me an email with any issues or concerns.

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Review of Ella by Lelo Pt. 1.

You guys, you guys! I finally got one of G spot dildos ‘ most raved try! Thanks, thanks, thanks to Sensual Intelligence. They are a Canadian-based green sex toy shop specializing in offering environmentally friendly sex toys.

Lelo Ella The Ella is an exceedingly cute double-ended G spot dildo. When I was on my time, I received my package and felt the least guilty when I fucked it while I was still bleeding. However, the slightest bit of guilt. I’m not normally playing in the period, but I can’t wait to try it. Since it was first released, people have raved about this dildo.

The packaging is Lelo quality standard. An outer box showing the dildo in the color selection you received, and a black inner box showing “Lelo” in the middle. Every time I get a new Lelo toy, I geek out about Lelo packaging because it’s so cute. The lid of the case lifts up, showing Ella nestled inside the inlay, holding it in place with a plastic cover. It comes with a sample pack of water-based lubricant from Lelo, warranty information, and a manual of instructions written inx number of languages.

It’s a pretty double-ended standard dildo, except it’s not made for strap-on or anal play. With your hand, you use it manually, and either end works great for stimulating G spot.

Care is the norm for dildos of silicone. With 10% bleach and water solution, you can sanitize it, boil it, pop it on top rack in the dishwasher, or just use antibacterial soap and water. Silicone is safe for the body, nonporous, phthalate and latex-free, safe to share with partners if it is properly sanitized between users and compatible with water, oil, or hybrid water / silicone lubes. With it, you can use a silicone lubricant as long as it is a silicone lubricant of high quality. I generally avoid using silicone lubricants with silicone toys because bonding with silicone can occur and the material will be degraded. I usually spot testing my silicone or hybrid water / silicone lubes on toys to ensure compatibility. You put a drop of the lube on a portion of the toy that is not insertable and after a couple of minutes you wipe it away to see if any changes in color or texture occurred. I tried a water / silicone hybrid only in my case, and nothing crazy happened.

The toy has my long-winded intro. I could think of all the need for knowledge and specs. Now for the experience I have with it.

I got it the first time I was on my time. Normally I avoid plague-like period masturbation. I dunno, menstruation is yucky (a false, fucked up idea, I know), and anything yucky ruins my chances of an orgasm. Furthermore, my Ella is white, I really hesitated to try it out. But I couldn’t wait the four more days with all the raving reviews in mind until my period came to an end.

I usually don’t spend much time warming up when I have G spot orgasms in mind because it’s not really necessary for me. Usually, I can jump right in and enjoy whatever textured or girthy toy I’m experimenting with–remember, Ella is neither girthy nor textured. So I washed up the Ella, laid down a towel as I anticipated a gushing orgasm and got to work. I used my salsa first, and then I inserted the straight end and began to feel and thrust around. It felt okay, spectacular nothing. I figured I could move on to the end of the G spot because with the straight one nothing amazing happened, so I wiped it down with a toy wipe and got to business. Nothing. It really felt awkward. I used it for the first time almost as awkward as the G Spot Lollipop. I always thought my G-spot was very shallow, but as many bloggers now say, it’s more of a G-spot area, and the arousal area may vary from time to time. So I thrusted deeper, I rocked it, whenever I felt a little pleasure I wiggled it. And then after thirty minutes I gave up because there was nothing going on. I thought it was the negative association I had with my period that left me orgasmless, so I decided to put it off until my period was over and I had a good chunk of time to experiment with Ella.

And I finally got the opportunity today. I decided to plan a game and give it a really good shot to work for me. I laid down a towel to warm up with, grabbed some lube and my Ako. I like using Picobong Ako patterns to tease my clit and warm it up when I know I’m going for a long session. I inserted the straight end when I was ready to play with Ella and it felt amazing sliding in. I think this purpose’s design is perfect. It curved nicely around my public bone and it felt great at the front pressing against my G spot and vaginal wall. Not worthy of orgasm, but pleasant and hugging it like it. For a while I played with that, thrusting and wiggling it and pointing it at a serious angle towards my G spot, but I didn’t get any real pleasure from it. However, I was so turned on and went on to try the end of the G spot.

That slid in the right direction. I’m lucky I haven’t had any problems fitting it around my pubic bone, a problem that seems to be popular with this design. I walked through my usual series of thrusts, wiggles, rocking, and banging the shit out of my vagina trying to find my G spot, and I couldn’t. It’s usually shallow, but I inserted the Ella as deep as I could, and rocked it as shallow as I could, and I didn’t have anything. I finally started to get some pleasure after about 20 minutes of playing around. Don’t ask me to recall how it happened or how I used it, but I didn’t have the screaming, gushing orgasm I anticipated. I had a vaginal orgasm, but not one squirt (hur hur) was given.

So after all this going back and forth, I decided that Ella had a substantial learning curve that I simply couldn’t figure out. I don’t want to give up. I will continue to experiment with it. Perhaps the jitters of the semester keep me from getting there. Perhaps to figure it out, I need my girlfriend. She is a serious pro when it comes to making toys that I usually dislike as heaven. I still think Ella is fantastic, but I don’t seem to be able to figure it out.

Because I’m determined to figure out this dildo out, anticipate Part Deux to my Ella review soon.

Many thanks to Martee and Caroline for allowing me to review the Ella at Take a look at them! They have a beautiful selection of environmentally friendly and body-safe toys I’m drooling over at the moment.


The Ella was provided free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review by the lovely folks at Sensual Intelligence. This is consistent with the guidelines of the FTC.

Review of G-Spot Lollipop

So the G-Spot Lollipop is a neat new line of toys featuring acrylic / steel dildos that are reminiscent of lollipops. They ‘re designed for vaginal stimulation that targets the G-Spot, but could also be great for anal in stimulating the prostate because the ball at the opposite end will prevent it from being lost up your ass. The one I received is the Double Pop. It looks something like a body piercing barbell or a baton, with two acrylic balls on either end of differing sizes, connected by a surgical steel bar that’s about 1/4″ in diameter. The other two designs offered by G-Spot Lollipop are J-Pops and Travel Pops. G Spot Lollipop that I got in Passion Pink the G-Spot Lollipop Double Pop. In Wild Apple, Organe Crem’e, and Passion Purple, they are also accessible. The size I got was small (d’oh, wrong choice!) and the smaller head is 1.5″ in diameter, while the larger head is 1.75″ in diameter. From tip to tip it’s 10 1/4′′ long. The Double Pops are also available in medium (1.75″ & 2″) and large (2″ & 2.5″). The acrylic balls are obviously very rigid and smooth, with no seams and texture. The rose has a marbled iridescence that is very beautiful under light. The stainless steel isn’t very shiny at all. Reminds me more of aluminum or brushed metal, but it’s definitely very smooth with no texture.

Care is straightforward. Cleaner toy or water and soap work best. If you share this toy with a partner and have to disinfect it properly, cleaning it with isopropyl alcohol and letting the alcohol air dry will disinfect it thoroughly.

Being acrylic and steel, it’s compatible with any kind of lubricant you prefer. I just sprayed on some Sliquid H2O and it seemed to offer me enough lubricant to slip into the big and the tiny balls.

Acrylic and surgical steel are both non-porous, phthalates free, and latex free. They ‘re body safe and hypoallergenic as well.

Packaging was very minimal. My Double Pop came with the largest ball wrapped in clear plastic shrink wrap, like a lollipop, and had the company’s card tied around it. On the card, it gives some directions on use, mentions washing it in soap and water, and says it should never be exposed to severe heat or cold. It also mentions a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

One thing I keep hearing about with this toy is that it’s hard to remove post-orgasm. This isn’t a bad thing! Your vagina is just in epic kegel mode and is gripping that thing like a cheeseburger. From what I’ve read, a slight clockwise twist will help you remove it. I personally haven’t experienced this yet because I haven’t been able to get off with it.

I wasn’t blown away by this one, but I admit it was probably from me not choosing the correct size. It left me wanting more, and I eventually tossed it aside and finished off with a different dildo. But that’s not to say all hopes are lost with it. I had an intense orgasm with that other dildo, so I’m thinking this size of the G-Spot Lollipop is perfect for warmup for me. What I also like is its potential as a kegel exerciser. Holding onto the ball and slowly pulling it out with my hand makes for a serious kegel workout. My girlfriend has walked in on me having a serious tug-of-war battle with my own vagina, and I can say the look on her face was priceless. Would I recommend it? Only if you have enough experience and knowledge of what you need when it comes to rigid toys and how they relate to size. I thought I knew a small would be perfect for me and it sadly just didn’t work out.

GspotADproofB Also worth mentioning, G-Spot Lollipop is participating in a campaign in October for Breast Cancer Awareness month. All pink G-Spot Lollipops are on sale. Here’s the scoop: Think Pink: Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We will donate a portion of our Pink Lollipop sales to Breast Cancer Awareness in the month of October. 10 percent Discount Promo code: candyshop.
G-Spot Lollipop The G-Spot Lollipop Double Pop was provided to me for free in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

Review of Ako by Picobong

Picobong is Lelo’s sister corporation, the luxury adult toy manufacturer renowned for rumbly vibrators made of smooth butter silicone. Picobong is the line of inexpensive, battery-operated sex toys that are more cost-effective, but most are as nice as Lelo from what I hear. I was encouraged to try the Ako from, but I was a little worried that I wouldn’t like it because the reviews I saw about other Picobong toys were not so nice. I’ll say that the Ako is incredible early on. It’s stronger than my Mia 2, and I’m shitting daisies seriously about how incredible this inexpensive little vibrator is. Thanks so much for letting me give it a go to Tabutoys!

Picobong AkoDesign: It is an ergonomic vibrator that fits comfortably in my hand and because of the sharp edge of the tip provides a lot of direct pinpoint stimulation to the clitoris. It seems to be made for people with the right hand; sadly, what isn’t it? Naturally, when I hold it my thumb falls on the side buttons, making it simple to alter velocity or settings. The foundation is ABS Plastic, and if you attempted to insert it, it has graduated edges that I think would not be very comfortable. For a reason, it’s called an outie vibrator, so just stick to outside stimuli.

Picobong Ako Because the Ako is produced from the same soft silicone butter as Lelo toys, use with water-based and hybrid lubes is secure. Some individuals claim that if both are high-quality products, pure silicone lubes are now discovered secure to use with silicone toys, but I would err on the secure side and stick to water-based products. I prefer to do a spot test with a hybrid lube first by placing a little lube on a part of the silicone toy that is not often used. If it discolors after the lube has been wiped off, it implies that they are not compatible. It also hardly picks up any lint at all, but in the images I took for this evaluation it’s covered in lint, of course. My luck… because it’s waterproof, it’s easy to clean up. It would do soap and water, toy cleaner, or a 10% water solution bleach. I prefer soap and water, but if you share with partners, cleaning is better than cleaning. Boiling vibrators is a severe “no” to sanitize. It will destroy your toy’s internal workings and make it pointless.

Personally, I don’t keep my vibrator with the Picobong charm. All of us have heard about anal bead cables that hold onto bacteria and are porous. The same goes in my book for any cord. The charm also feels a lot cuter for college on my backpack.

Function: Picobong Ako Batteries Two AAA batteries are operated. When you give it a slight counter-clockwise spin, the battery cap pops off, and there are few indicators showing how the batteries can be placed in the internal white band. The cap readily locks back into location and is water-resistant. For two seconds, pressing the+ button turns it on and you can hold the+ button until you get the power you want. You can click the M button at any intensity and it will enter the various modes. Cycling through all ten will take you back to the standard mode of steady vibrations, unlike the Mona 2 that allows you to cycle through the modes backwards. You can only move forward with this one. Okay, no biggie.

There are 12 distinct settings, and you can set about 10 distinct speeds to operate with those configurations. It’s stronger than my Lelo Mia 2 at its highest, but slightly weaker than the Lelo Mona 2. I’m pretty thrilled. It’s a lot cheaper than Mia 2, and it made me much simpler to get off.

The travel lock option is worth noting as well. In the instructions or online, I didn’t see anything about it, but you can lock it by pushing and holding the+ and–buttons forx seconds (between 3 and 5 seconds somewhere). You just click and hold them back to unlock. So nice! It’s not like buttons are super easy to push, but I like the added security of knowing that when I get it tucked away in a duffle bag, it won’t begin vibrating.

Personal experience: it is something I enjoy. It’s rumbly, powerful, and you can choose from so many distinct methods. I enjoy it’s tip. It’s long, but thin, so I can turn it on its side to get wider stimulation, or concentrate the tip on my clit to get the stimulation pinpoint. Even if I decide to use the straight edge for direct stimulation, it’s not like the Salsa can be an overwhelming pinpoint stimulus.

Comparing it to the Salsa, Picobong Ako, I believe I might really like the Ako more. If in weeks I haven’t used my salsa. It’s too much sometimes, almost to the point of numbing me. I believe the Ako is a vibrator that is more partner friendly. I end up in pain, not pleasure, if she touches a little too hard or runs the small little Salsa tip against a very delicate portion of my clitoris. With the Ako, she works with more surface region, but she also has a beautifully edged tip to assist me cum easier; or at least as simple as it will be for me–we all understand my orgasm problems! The tip also makes finding my partners clit easy for me. I slide this readily between her labia and need not worry about using another finger to assist me locate her clitoris.

One problem that I have is the numbness of the hand. I haven’t encountered it yet, but I believe it might cause some hand numbing because the vibrations run along the toy’s entire length.

Overall rating: 5/5

Strength: 4/5

Volume: 2.5/5

It’s a bit noisy, but not loud enough to be heard from behind a closed door. Surely it’s powerful. And the cash is worth it. In view of running on two AAA batteries and being inexpensive, I believe this is a great vibrator to own for both speed queens and new toys.

I was given free of charge with http:/ Ako in return for an honest and unbiased evaluation. This is consistent with the rules of the FTC.

My First Vibrator [ and Second and Third ]

I was 16 years old, and since I could remember, I wanted a vibrator. I was open to my colleagues as a very sexual teenager from the beginning and let them all understand how hopeless I was. And twice I was fortunate!

My friend, her boyfriend and I were at Spencer’s local mall and stopped looking at their black lights and posters. I feel like everybody stole from there their first vibrator. In my life, I had never robbed anything, so I denied. But after perusing all the other stores, once we got to the parking lot, they showed me what they had for me; a purple pocket rocket with interchangeable heads. I could have kissed both of them right there!

I loved my little rocket! I wish I could recall the business that produced it. It only lasted about a year, unfortunately, until half of the battery cap cracked. I was so pissed that I had to go back with my hand. I’m not yet one to get out of manual stimulation readily.

I was itching like crazy when I was 17 when I lastly turned 18 and was able to go to the porn shop and purchase a fresh vibrator. Fortunately, my age-old friend (thank you, Dizz!) amazed me with a grab bag from our local porn shop. Usually they were lube, condoms, and a vibrator. It’s been a classic vibrator looking like a mini lightsaber. I was lucky too! It wasn’t rosy. It was a turquoise brightness and as powerful as hell. Oh, how much I enjoyed that. I seldom had to alter batteries, and it soon became my greatest friend… until I broke it. Look at a trend? These stuff I’m wearing out!

I got my hands on a “massager” THEN (not yet 18). With separate plastic heads, it was one of those usual over – the-shoulder employment. I was lucky to have a head with a pointed tip. I remember I tried it for the first time. I’m fairly sure I’ve lasted 10 seconds and spent about half an hour gazing there in post-orgasm happiness. Then I came back to it, of course. It’s been incredible.

I’m really fortunate to have been secure and hygienic all my first sex toy experiences. They were all plastic and I looked after them as best as I could imagine. Until I was old and could buy my own toys, I didn’t begin experimenting with other, more frightening and dangerous products. Previously, I was too shy to ask my friends for non-hard plastic dildos or vaginal vibrators. I believed for sure individuals would believe differently about me because they wanted something insertable. Silly me, you know. These friends who helped me out in those days are still some of the most favorable sex folks I know! But once I got into insertable toys, I received my first experiences with stuff like Jelly, PVC, and so on. I never had a response, thank god, and I’m so pleased that I’ve learned better since those young days of despair! For this vagina, only silicone.

Review of VIP dildo by Tantus

The Tantus VIP dildo is now sadly on close-out sale as it is being discontinued (or at least that’s what I think close-outs are for. I haven’t talked to Tantus personally so I can’t talk for sure). I had to snatch one because it was on my wishlist for quite some time, like most Tantus dildos. The VIP is a medium to medium / large phallic silicone dildo with protruding testicles from the base as well. I know, you wouldn’t expect a lesbian couple to own something. But I must have it! In my head, I or my partner (whoever wears it in a harness) could possibly get more clitoral stimulation while pushing from the longer and wider base. I also believed the bigger base would make it simpler for me to regulate during masturbation, and I liked the curved shaft look.

The VIP has an insertable 6 3/4′′ length. The head diameter is 1 5/8′′, and it is 1 1/2′′ at the base of the shaft before the balls. The dildo’s base is 4 5/8′′ long, and 2 3/8′′ across, giving the wearer significant surface area to enable clitoral stimulation. The shaft has a prominent curve that is good for spot G and stimulation of the prostate. The VIP has a sculpted head that simulates the penis of the glans. The glans ‘ prominent corona is my favourite component of this dildo. I understand how much I enjoy texture I’m going on and on, but this under-textured dildo still satisfies me with its curve and slightly bulging, somewhat rigid textured head. I really enjoy it!

Tantus silicone, as always, is hypo-allergenic, free from phthalates, non-porous, readily sanitized, and free from latex. It’s simple to clean this silicone; soap and water, 10% bleach to water, top dishwasher rack (without detergent) on the sanitizing process, or boil it for 10 minutes.

The VIP is a very robust, non-plushy dildo, so be cautious on difficult thrusting. In contrast to the other Tantus dildos I’ve attempted, the finish on the VIP. It’s more of a matte velvet finish that has significantly cut other Tantus dildos on the usual drag and lint magnetism. The dildo’s foundation is the normal shiny Tantus silicone, and comparing how the two distinct finishes catch up on lint when I put the VIP on my bed demonstrates that there’s hardly any velvet finish. This is a huge deal for me as most of my fucking dildo happens with my partner, and we don’t always like being cautious. The VIP is not bendy or offering very much. It bends up in the same direction of its already-present curve somewhat readily, but only bends down enough to straighten the shaft fully. It will no longer bend beyond that.

The VIP comes in black, pink pearl and violet haze. I bought the violet haze because my favourite colors are violet and violet. The purple has the same beautiful, brilliant iridescence as my Tantus Purr, but the matte finish makes it look even better.

Now I enjoy it for my experience with it. I generally appreciate most silicone dildos I attempt for solo play, but I’m very picky with harness play with my partner. I never believed I’d discover a dildo that I’d like to[ maybe] like my Tantus Echo. The Echo feels bonded to her incredibly. I can readily get a gushing G spot orgasm. But as a queen supreme, the VIP is slowly taking over what my pussy requires. Oh, and you know, I really appreciate the balls! What?! Not for reasons of fantasy, but in fact they are helpful! I usually prop up the balls under my ass and go for clit stimulation with my salsa when I’m masturbating and get sick of thrusting the dildo, but don’t want to pull it out and throw it to the side. The balls assist me to maintain the dildo inserted and also offer me some rock-free stability on the cock. That’s an accomplishment in my book, but I’m a lazy masturbator and I love using both hands.

The thoughts of my GF; the balls make it easier for her to control when she wears it or thrusts it with her hands, both because the dildo doesn’t pull away as much in our Rodeoh, and also because it enables her to feel if the dildo slips out of me or not. She said that thrusting the base and balls between her legs is very simple and quick, and I can attest to that. The Rodeoh would normally stretch just a tad as she pulled out, so thrusts wouldn’t be as difficult because of that. She also said it was decent to stimulate the clitoral. Our Rodeoh makes dildos sit on her pubic bone rather high, which is good if we want to use a bullet vibrator in the pocket of the Rodeoh to get some clitoral stimulation, but it sucks if we skip a vibrator. The VIP balls fit beautifully in the Rodeoh and quickly pulled her off. She has one complaint about it being heavy, but what can you do?

Rating overall: 5/5

We enjoy it. When I had my eye on it for nearly a year, it’s precisely what I anticipated. No regrets to add and nothing else. is now selling the VIP Super Soft. The Super Soft is the same design as the VIP, but it is made of cushier silicone from Tantus.

Orgasms and Mental Blocks

I’ve spent my entire sexually mature life dealing with this. With a partner, I can’t fuck cum. Well, I can, but when I lastly go through the pain of allowing myself open during that one fucking session, it’s generally just small orgasms. Every time I make the choice to lastly work towards a clit orgasm, I have to go through this lengthy process of reminding myself to let go and just feel what’s going on. That I can’t always have a clitoral orgasm is driving me bonkers. I’m the G spot orgasm Queen. They come easily and I can squirt a three-foot stream, but I don’t seem to let my partner go enough to have a body-shaking clitoral orgasm–one where it feels as intense as when I masturbate with my salsa solo. I can’t bring myself to cum even with co-masturbation or mutual masturbation with my Salsa.

I’m on a search now. In the next few months, it’s my objective to stop forcing the small little clit orgasms with my partner during sex, and simply let me cum, no matter how long it takes or how many times we have to give up. I’ll finally get there. And I intend to document my failures and achievements and share tips on this strange journey (if I even come up with any tips), as I’m sure there are many females who are struggling with this and tired of the same ancient sorry ass advice from the magazine. You know, the usual, “attempt with a vibrator to spice up your love life! Most women’s vaginal stimulation alone won’t orgasm.”* yawn* We understand that. Vibrators have been attempted by most of us. Most of us have tried with our partners many different toys and techniques, but they don’t get off yet. Perhaps if the media focused less on buying, buying, buying, and more on sexual abuse / body picture issues / mental blocks, all of which prevent orgasm, more couples would have better sex lives. I understand for sure that sexual abuse causes my inner blocks, but right now I’m not going to go into that.

Later on,


Review of Salsa by We Vibe

A HUGE hit in my bedroom is the most raved about the bullet atmosphere (this one, duh). We Vibe’s Salsa is a powerful bullet vibrator that works well for clitoral stimulation and fits perfectly into my favourite Tantus dildos. It is totally waterproof and rechargeable, and it is as powerful as it is asserted. For me, it’s even a little bit.
Design: The atmosphere is made of plastic ABS with a push button on the base of the silicone. It’s difficult, heavy, and totally smooth, except for the We Vibe emblem etched close to the base. I realized that when it is lubed up and slippery, the emblem helps me get a stronger grip on it. At the end there is also a very slight flare that makes it simpler to grip it and take it out of the dildos. The flare does not make it safe for anal use, so don’t attempt to insert this one, please.

ABS plastic is non-porous, hypo-allergenic, simple to wash, simple to disinfect,smooth like any other hell. The plastic or silicone push-button has no funky odor. The soft and shiny plastic is susceptible to scratches, so it comes in handy with the satin storage bag. Cleaning is easy; cleaning toy and washing cloth, soap and water, or wiping toy works excellent. Since it is not porous, if you clean it correctly before sharing, you can share it between partners.

The heft to this vibrator may intimidate the powerful vibrations. If I go one or two weeks without using it, I feel like a small jackhammer is attacking my clit. If it were a lighter vibrator, I believe it would be a bit less intense and easier for some to manage the vibrations. I’m a little energy queen, but it can be overwhelming sometimes.
Functions: All together there are 8 configurations. Four of them consist of steady vibrations at distinct rates, and the other four are distinct patterns. To switch it on, just hit the button and switch it off, you can either cycle through all 8 configurations by pressing the button continually, or click and hold the toy off for 3 seconds. If you switch it off by clicking and holding the button, when you switch it on again, you will remember what setting you were on and resume. There is no option to lock travel. Strength: this is an intense thing. I’d say the intensity scale is about 5 out of 5, and the noise scale is very small 2 out of 5. Lots of volume strength. I saw a couple of writers in reviews comparing Salsa and Mia 2, but I just don’t believe they’re similar. The Mia 2 is small and lightweight, and the Salsa is heavy and powerful. I believe I would finally like to discover the same medium between the two. Something with good weight and strength, but not too overpowering. For solo play and fast orgasms, I appreciate it. It’s a little too much when we attempt to use it during sex. With it, my partner can readily go too rough on my clit, and when I use it on her, she is definitely not used to such powerful vibrations. We think it’s going to be fun to use in a harness that holds a vibrator in place for the wearer’s clitoral stimulation, but we’ll probably maintain it in the highest or second to smallest environment, of course.

It comes with a nice box, a white satin storage pouch holding the charger, the atmosphere, and a tiny bottle of lube. The charger is a bit odd. It comes in two components, with a magnetic head connecting to the atmosphere and then plug it into the cord of charge. In 1.5 hours I get a complete charge. A complete charge will only give me about 40 minutes of play time if I use it at the best level, which kind of bums I get out of. There is no sign that either it will die. As it discharges, the intensity does not deaden, and it will die with a sudden shutdown. I don’t know how many times I was near to orgasm and it just died on me. Whomp whomp whomp.


  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Strong
  • Discreet


  • Short battery life at the lowest setting

Overall Rating: 5/5

Strength: 5/5

Volume: 2/5

It’s a good atmosphere all around. I’m happy about my buy. I’d just alter its weight because it makes the vibrations even more intense. The life of the battery sucks, but I just learned to maintain the charger on hand, and I charge it every four or so uses. I’m probably going to buy a We Vibe Tango quickly, only if my Salsa dies on me. The Salsa has been stopped, but the Tango has the same powerful engine and vibrations. The only distinction between the two is the head shapes, where the Salsa ends at one stage, and the Tango ends with a flat slant.
Unfortunately, the salsa was discontinued. But the We-Vibe Tango can be picked up! Same powerful engine, but with a distinct design.
The Tango is accessible for $79.99 on Early2Bed.
At LoveHoney, the Tango is also accessible for $79.99

Review of Black Magic Super Bullet by Doc Johnson

I’m a rumbling vibrator lover. More than the usual buzzy bullet, my clit requires. I need to have authority. Even for me, Mia 2 didn’t do it. I’ve been looking at Doc Johnson’s Black Magic line for a while now, and I’ve been looking for something big and strong to use with my partner so she won’t lose my clit in the darkness of our space. I also wanted to experiment with placing a vibrator between us while we were doing tribadism, and my little, slippery Salsa dancing just didn’t work.

The best choice seemed to be the Black Magic Super Bullet. It’s large and velvety that I thought would help maintain it between our lips. It’s a bit strong as well.

Credit: Wikipedia I have recently been experimenting with stimulating my clitoris glands throughout their entire length. The clitoris is not just that small little nub that stands out from the top of the labia, to tell the truth. Glands are spreading deep under the labia and wrapping around the vagina. Reading the Fairy Wand review by Secretly Sensuous, and I discovered that lengthy, slow massages helped boost my clit’s entirety. As I graduated from this, I found out what better way to boost the whole thing than with a rumbly big ass vibrator?

Design: A gigantic pill reminds me of the Black Magic Super Bullet. It’s a ideal cylinder with no bumps or elevated texture, and rounded each end. It’s insertable for 6′′ long, 5′′. The circumference is 5′′. There is a push button on the end of the battery cap with a energy sign The battery cap has an o-ring which makes it waterproof. The cap and the vibrator also have two elevated lines. You know it’s properly sealed when you match the lines and water won’t flow through. It also comes with a very thin plastic strap attached to the cap of the battery. I don’t understand the hell for which the strap is. I finally removed it because it’s such a thin strap that it’s cut a little bit into my wrist. But the strap is at least plastic, not cotton; it is not porous. Woohoo!

Credit: Doc Johnson Function: This is just three levels of steady vibrations. It requires three AA batteries and just hit the energy button to switch it on. The first environment is the lowest, and from there it increases two more rates. You have to cycle through all three configurations to switch it off, which is kind of a bummer, your thing is discretion. It is also the loudest vibrator I own, in terms of volume, about 3 out of 5. The vibrations aren’t as rough and powerful as my Mona 2, but I didn’t expect it to be a jackhammer.

Use: So how did my entire clitoris stimulate? She served her purpose. It’s not a fast orgasm, but it’s beautiful to work my way up to the greatest environment. This is by no means a fast get-off, and it takes time to get used to not getting direct stimulation on just the head of the clitoris (for me at least). I like the slower vibrations of the Black Magic Super Bullet. It’s a slow, powerful rumble even at the greatest environment, and my labia and clitoris seem to appreciate it a lot. I admit I got frustrated a couple of times when orgasm just didn’t happen, but in my mind this method is more of a practice or exercise than an orgasm of a surefire.

We have not attempted to use it as far as tribadism is concerned. On my portion, the concept was badly scheduled.


  • resistant to water


  • Loud!
  • Not as strong as I had expected for

Overall Rating: 3/5

Strength: 3/5

Volume: 3.5/5

If it were stronger, I would enjoy it more. I believe it’s a nice price purchase, but it’s not supposed to be the primary go – to atmosphere as I would imagine it would leave many individuals frustrated.

The Super Bullet Black Magic is available for $29.99 on

My List of Regrettable Sex Toys I’m Trying not To Remember

After reading the list of “Terrible Sex Toys I Used to Lust After” by Epiphora, I thought I was supposed to write my own list of wonky toys I bought before I was informed about the significance of sex toy matierals. Trust me, I wanted to shove my vagina up a lot of a questionable thing.

I was on a budget and believed it was better to have a larger one. I thought it wouldn’t be good enough for smaller dildos and vibrators and I didn’t understand it was vital to warm up. If I had to choose only one, I would have to choose the largest one, cuz then I would have to be happy, right? Right… (wrong).

Okay, that thing. It’s not the precise model I owned and create it, but I purchased it about 5 years ago and can no longer find the product page. It was a HUGE thing! And since I was a newbie to fuck my own vagina, I didn’t know that I wasn’t turned on enough to manage it and that I used anything that came as a free donation that was inexpensive. Sigh* Thanks to goodness, as it was made of rubber, I did not end up with some insane vaginal irritation. Don’t fuck the toys of rubber!So I went on to purchase after this terrible experience… this frightening ass jelly dildo. I attempted JELLY in fact! I didn’t end up with any severe chemical burns or allergic reactions, thank you jeebus, but it smelled horrid and stained my shelf after I gave up trying to fuck it and set it aside as a funny decoration for my room. The base ultimately melted and oozed chemicals a bit and ruined the finish of my shelf after an prolonged stay on my shelf where it stood there for about 4 months. Grrr. Maybe 3 times, with condoms and once without, I attempted to use it. There are no insane responses. Please don’t even believe about using Jelly, please. It’s forgiving! It retains for ever bacteria and body fluids and soap chemicals and errythang! It can also cause severe vaginal irritation and chemical burns.

Ok, again, not the same as pictured, but once in a while somebody purchased me something very comparable. The second time I smelled the rancid jelly, I was supposed to dump them. They likely felt like I would stretch out my virtuous vajay with an insertable length no longer than 3′′ if they actually bought me something that was a little larger and pleasing. I mean, I don’t need a huge thing like the ones shown above, but it was laughable. Finally, I threw away the jelly sleeve and used only the vibrator that went with it.

Review of Icicles No. 18 by Pipedream

I understand I’ve already said it, but I’m a complete glass dildo addict, and I enjoy texture. I wish it had a more pronounced texture and a little more girth from the time I attempted my first glass dildo, the Pink Double G. I had to have it when I saw a close-up picture of the texture on Icicles No. 18. The texture combined with the dildo’s big bulbous head and severe curve really rocked my world and still didn’t disappoint me.

(Yeah, I used the album of Grizzly Bear as my background. Whateva.) This glass dildo is made of borosilicate glass, or Pyrex, making it a shattering evidence. While it’s shattered proof, it’s not entirely unbreakable, but if it experiences a fall it won’t break into a million parts. It will simply break into big pieces instead, preventing injury from small glass shards. As it is resistant to breaking during extreme temperature modifications, borosilicate glass is also good for temperature play. You can pop it in a tank of hot or cold water, or if you like, placed it in the fridge. Note that it is not advised to freeze glass dildos because it can cause vagina or anus injury.
My No. 18 is 8 1/2′′ long, and circumference 4 3/4′′ at the widest point of each head, and circumference 3 3/4′′ at the thinest point in the center of the shaft. Due to the handmade glass dildos, dimensions differ. The curve is nearly an angle of 45 ° and is nearest to the dildo’s head, making it ideal for spot G or stimulation of the prostate. You can insert either end, and the handle’s two bulbs give a slight feeling of popping. It’s also secure from anal. The generous curve stops the dildo from being sucked into the anus, but because of its absence of a flared base, some would prefer to prevent using it for anal. Since my ass can’t accommodate such a huge dildo, I haven’t attempted it for anal yet. This dildo is truly beautiful. A kind of royal blue with some purple undertones is the blue of the raised bumps. The handle’s red flower is flawless. With it, I’m impressed.

This dildo loves my G spot. There’s a very powerful popping feeling when I first insert it as my labia extends to accommodate the big head, followed by a lot of fullness that feels totally incredible. Normally I’m just rocking my head in and out, but if I want to feel that texture and push it deeper, it’s feeling incredible. With this one, I enjoy slow thrusts, and when I slowly took it out, I amazed myself and discovered that I squirted uncontrollably. The head’s pointed tip is not terribly pokey, but I still don’t like directing the top to my G spot. On my G spot, I load pin-point stress. My preference is more for a big pressure surface against my G spot, so I rub the head sides against mine.
I really don’t suggest this for a couple game. We used it together before, but when my girlfriend gets carried away and thrusts too hard or too deep, the size can quickly make it too much for me to manage. She struck my pubic bone with it once and it hurts like hell, a prevalent problem with all glass toys. Be cautious!

The packaging of Pipedream’s Icicles is lovely. It comes in a recyclable cardboard box, and the dildo lies in a (not recyclable) styrofoam tray. There is a front cover to the box that is closed with a magnet, and a transparent plastic window displays the dildo opening the flap. A protective pouch doesn’t come with this dildo. I keep it in the original packaging because it’s such a big, heavy dildo, so it won’t put pressure on my other glass dildos during storage.
Overall rating: 5/5 No questions asked, it’s the best. I love it because of its pronounced texture, and to look at it is very nice. I haven’t persuaded my sister yet to let me get a lovely glass curio cabinet to display all my lovely glass dildos, but if I could get her to let me do that, this would be the primary act with spotlights and streamers.
At, the Icicles No. 18 is presently $59 CAD ($55.59 US).