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Myths about vibrators

Using a vibrator causes thick calluses to develop “down there.”
OK, no one thinks that. But some do believe that using a vibrator makes it difficult or impossible for a woman to orgasm without one. Not true. And you will not become addicted to using a vibrator. You will, however, wonder what all the fuss was about once you use one.
Silky Finishes
Once vibrators enter the picture, the penis becomes just another obsolete accessory.
If vibrators were going to replace penises, natural selection would have taken care of that long ago. But let’s face it: the penis is not designed to stimulate the clitoris effectively in most positions. If it were, it would have a little attachment on it like a rabbit vibrator.

That doesn’t mean that the mighty member is worthless. Use it effectively in many different ways. Just don’t ignore the benefits that modern technology can offer.

Vibrators are cold, lifeless devices that make sex seem mechanical and impersonal.
Welcome to the 21st Century, Luddite. The “Steely Dan” of yesteryear has been augmented with many soft, inviting playthings that will bring warmth and happiness to your life.

What if…?
OK, now you’re just thinking of excuses. Quit stalling and get busy.

Vibrators – intro

Vibrators are used to achieve orgasms. Real orgasms, not a slight twinge of pleasure. So let’s not “beat around the bush.” Vibrators are about coming, which is a good thing for both men and women.
Night Glow Kit

Why bring up the totally obvious? Because, for too many people, most of them women, orgasms are the forgotten elephant in the sex room. About 30% of women say they have difficulty reaching orgasm when having sex with a partner.

How many women who use a vibrator regularly have trouble reaching orgasm? Zero. Well, that’s not completely true. There is one woman in Schenectady who doesn’t want to hurt her vibrator’s feelings, even though its batteries ran out years ago.

So, if vibrators help women when they are alone, it only makes sense for couples to use them together.
Other reasons couples use vibrators
But even people who have no trouble achieving orgasm enjoy using vibrators. That’s because vibrators:

Make orgasms feel more intense;
Make multiple orgasms possible or more likely;
Bring more variety to sex play, encouraging sex more often; and
Can make sex last longer
Yet, despite all these good reasons, some couples still are not using vibrators in their sex play. Perhaps one partner has a hangup about sex, or he believes one of the myths about vibrators, or they just don’t know how to introduce them into their lovemaking. Let’s take care of those problems right now.


Many women who are experienced with vibrators may be reluctant to bring a novice into the picture. She already knows what feels good and how to get there. Bringing a goofy new trainee up to speed may not be her first priority. There’s an easy fix for this. It starts with her partner asking, “Let me watch,” and it ends with him saying, “Now let’s try this.” Problem solved.
Virtual Bunny

Which type of couple are you?


If you are in this category, you need to stop talking and start shopping. Bringing a vibrator into your sex play will open new worlds. You’ll probably start sending anniversary cards to each other to commemorate the first time.

Ready to Experiment

You’ve heard about using vibrators as a couple, but don’t know much about it. You’d like to, though. Do they require scaffolding and hydraulic lifts? Hardly ever! If you’re open to pleasurable new experiences, you are prime candidates for vibration-related sex play as a couple.


Yes, you and your partner have good sex. But, no, you’ve never thought about using any kind of external device in the process. Where should you begin? Right here, of course, with a quick graduation to Vibrators.com. In no time at all, you’ll be discussing power settings and rotation methods like old hands.




How to Introduce a Vibrator

You say, “Hello, Partner. May I introduce the vibrator?” Then everyone shakes hands and formal introductions are complete.

There are four main ways to broach the subject of a vibrator with your partner. Use the method that you think will work best.
Virtual Bunny

The Gomer Pyle method
When he wasn’t making a citizen’s arrest, Gomer’s main joy was yelling, “Su-prise, Su-prise, Su-prise!” He probably never tried this approach with a vibrator, but there’s no reason you can’t. When the moment is right, show your partner your brand new purchase, ready and waiting for its test run. Why talk about vibrators when you could be using one?

The Time-Release method
You casually bring up the subject of vibrators at a good time, like during a TV commercial for RAM trucks. “You know what really sounds like fun?” you ask, and then answer your own question. Your partner’s response will range from silent shock to whoops of delight. Conversation ensues. Later, a time span that can vary from 30 seconds to 30 days, you say, “Remember that thing we talked about?” Then, like a magician making a nickel appear, you produce the magic device with a dramatic flourish.

The Browsing method
When you’re surfing the internet together, take a detour to Vibrators.com and enjoy the selection together. The experience is a lot nicer than a stroll through a sex shop.

The V-Day Invasion method
Resistance is futile when you have planned for every contingency with plenty of research, discussion, and preparation. By the time the good vibrations have begun, each partner already has become very familiar and comfortable with both the concept and the reality of the vibrator.

Another popular way is for one partner to give a vibrator as a gift. A little privacy during the presentation is probably a good idea.

Penis ring vibrators

Virtual Bunny

The Virtual Bunny works well as a sex toy for couples. Both partners are stimulated by the Virtual Bunny, which makes for more thrilling and playful sex.
The Virtual Bunny is a high-quality wireless vibrating penis ring. Couples will really enjoy it. The ring is made of a super-stretchy, ultra-soft material. A small vibrating bullet slides into the bunny’s face, so the ears and nose vibrate with a gentle flutter. There are no wires, so you can stay super close to your partner. Even better, the Virtual Bunny is whisper quiet.
The Virtual Bunny comes with six free watch batteries.


Diving Dolphin

The Diving Dolphin Vibrator includes two vibrating bullets to provide pleasure to both partners.
One vibrating bullet stimulates the clitoris while the other stimulates, but does not penetrate, his perineum. The stretchy penis ring also constricts his penis, making him harder. This is a powerful stimulator for both partners.
The Diving Dolphin has two vibrating bullets that shake with a strong buzz, and are powered by an external multi-speed control. A wire attaches the controller to the Diving Dolphin.
Two AA batteries are required.

Double Dolphin

The Double Dolphin will certainly enhance both of your sexual pleasure. A jelly penis ring has two inserts holding gentle vibrating bullets. The bullets provide great stimulation. She feels the vibration all over her clitoris and perineum, while he enjoys it over his testicles and perineum. All the while, the constriction ring makes him harder and helps him last longer.

Note: This jelly ring is larger than most, measuring 1.5″ across. This ring was designed more for vibration sensations than constriction, depending on penis size.
The bullets are removable, in case you want to use them to stimulate other erogenous zones. They are wireless and take standard watch batteries. The Double Dolphin is whisper quiet for your discretion.

Lelo Bo

The Lelo Bo Vibrating Ring is a high-quality vibrating penis ring constructed specifically for couples.

The luxurious streamlined Lelo Bo features an intuitive interface. The Lelo Bo Vibrating Ring is rechargeable and compact so it goes anywhere.


The InnerVibe vibrating penis ring can be worn with or without a condom. The InnerVibe provides intense pleasure for both partners, and features a powerful motor. The InnerVibe has includes one vibrating bullet.
This disposable, waterproof vibrating ring is constructed of high-quality materials to keep you comfortable and healthy.
The InnerVibe is a great disposable vibrating penis ring for couples new to sex toys.

Screaming O Vibrating Ring

The Screaming O is a disposable, vibrating penis ring that stimulates both the man and woman at the same time. A stretchy jelly ring with pleasure bumps and knobs, the Screaming O offers incredible orgasms.

This sensual, vibrating ring was created to provide both partners with maximum stimulation. When positioned correctly, it will give gentle stimulation to the penis, while keeping him harder and making him last longer. The vibrations target her clitoris, providing the extra stimulation she needs to push her over the edge.
Try this ring out with your lover and have Screaming Os together. The Screaming O Vibrating Ring received a Vibrator Institute Sound Rating of Hum.

Mystique Love Ring

The Mystique Love Ring can be used as a finger vibe or a vibrating penis ring. The Mystique vibrates at 7 strong levels, and features pulsation and escalation for various thrills. The Mystique vibrates with a quiet purr.
The Mystique is about three inches long, and sticks off the top of the penis when worn as a penis ring. This means she has more vibrating area to rub against. Use the Mystique as a finger vibe to stimulate either partner.
The Mystique comes with a soft jelly sleeve. It takes two 1.5 Volt N batteries, not included.

Bong O Ring

The Screaming O Bong O Ring will provide you and your lover with gentle stimulation.

This vibrating penis ring features an easy on/off button, replaceable batteries, extended ticklers to stimulate the clitoris, a vibrating ring, a stretchy gel band for comfort, and a gold pleasure ball for mutual fun and stimulation.
This cock ring is also waterproof so it can be used in the shower, tub, pool, or anywhere else. Just place the ring at base of penis, with bullet at top, and press the button to turn it on.
The Bong O Ring is whisper quiet and very discreet.

8 Ear Twin Rabbit Couple’s Ring

The 8 Ear Twin Rabbit Couple’s Ring provides you both with lots of vibrating stimulation. The 8 Ear Rabbit Couple’s Ring features two vibrating eggs and tickling “ears” to give double pleasure.
The 8 Ear Rabbit Couple’s Ring is made from a soft jelly material, so it’s both comfortable and pleasurable for him to wear. Its snug fit improves his performance. The ears can be positioned up to purr over her clitoris and perineum, or down to tickle him.
The 8 Ear Twin Rabbit is phthalate-free and made of body safe materials. It takes 2 AA batteries.

Duet Double Pleasure Vibrating Ring

Get ready to experience a sensual adventure with the InnerVibe Duet Double Vibrating Ring.

Specially designed for both you and your partner, this vibrating ring provides gentle sensations. The Duet Double Vibrating pleasure ring is made of soft Opulux material and has been examined, tested and proven non-toxic. Phthalate free.
This disposable double vibrating ring stretches to fit over his penis and stimulates her clitoris and his testicles. Both partners will experience maximum sensations. The Duet received a Vibrator Institute Sound Rating of Hum.


Humm Dinger

The Humm Dinger is a vibrating penis ring and clitoral stimulator that is very gentle. Place the ring around the base of his penis and the vibrating bullet stimulates the clitoris during sex. The Humm Dinger is whisper quiet.

The batteries in the Humm Dinger last through 20 minutes of continuous pleasure for him and for her. The batteries are included but are not replaceable. A rotating dial turns the Humm Dinger on and off.

Updated 4 Nov

All in one pleasure kits

Infinite Pleasures Kit

The Infinite Pleasures Kit has everything you need for exciting sensual exploration.
The Ultra Slim Mini Vibrator fits into all the right places. Slip on any of the unique sleeves for a variety of different options and sensations. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included).Sleeves include:
Clit Tickler

Smoothy Sleeve

Double Delight

Twirler Sleeve

Anal Teaser Sleeve
This kit also contains one string of climax anal beads, and a silver bullet with multi-speed power pack.
Night Glow Kit

if you’re new to sex toys, the Night Glow Kit is a great sampler kit to try . The Night Glow Kit contains a basic slim plastic vibrator, a ribbed sensations jelly vibrator sleeve, two stretchy penis rings, and starter anal beads. The vibrating toys vibrate at a pleasurable purr.

This is a great kit for couple play. The vibrator is versatile and can be used to massage him or her. The jelly vibrator sleeve is soft and textured for new sensations. The penis rings make him harder and last longer, and are nubbed and studded to stroke her clitoris. The anal beads are small, safe and easy to use.
Find out what your partner really wants with the Night Glow Kit.
Heart Throb Love Kit

The Heart Throb Love Kit includes everything you need for a night of passion.
This kit contains:

1 Hummdinger vibrating penis ring
1 Frisky Fingers bullet vibe
2 Oralicious pillow packs (flavored oral sex cream)
1 Liquid Virgin pillow pack (tightening lube)
1 Orgasmix Pillow pack (orgasm enhancement gel)
1 Lotto Love Scratcher Game
3 flavored condoms

Looking for new ways to stimulate your relationship? The Heart Throb Love Kit is a great set to get you started. The Heart Throb Love Kit also makes an excellent bachelorette, anniversary, honeymoon, or Valentine’s day gift.
Better Sex Purple Passion Kit

Put passion and pleasure back into your love life with the Better Sex Purple Passion Kit. The Better Sex Purple Passion Kit includes a FingerVibe, Pleasure Gel for Women, Toy Cleaner and a DVD that teaches advanced sexual techniques.

The included vibrator is a wireless finger vibe that purrs at 5 pleasurable speeds. The FingerVibe comes with 4 soft PleasureSkin pleasure sleeves, each nubbed and ribbed with different stimulating textures. The vibrator is discreet and the perfect size to hide in your bag for an unforgettable weekend getaway.
O’My Pleasure Gel for Her increases sensation for incredible orgasms. This gel is applied directly to the clitoris and provides intense, warm stimulation.
Watch the Advanced Sexual Techniques & Positions DVD for tips on how to better please your lover. Attractive couples show you new ways of making sex exciting and orgasmic.
Better Sex Toy Cleaner is the perfect way to end your pleasure session. This antibacterial cleanser is easy to use: just spray your toys after use and let dry to remove any bacteria.
The Better Sex Purple Passion Kit includes everything you need to please, tease and get closer to your partner.
Silky Finishes Couple’s Kit

The Silky Finishes Couple’s Kit is a smooth, waterproof sex toy set for an adventurous couple. The surfaces of these toys are covered with an ultra smooth and sensual material, so they glide and slip over your skin.
This set includes a Silky Finish Vibrating Egg with a 4-Speed remote, a set of Silky Finish Duo Balls, 2 ultra soft and super stretchy Silicone Cock Rings with different designs, and a Silky Finish 7″ Multi-Speed Vibrator with a Dial-A-Vibe Control Base.
Takes 4 AA batteries.
His and Hers Rabbits

The His and Hers Rabbits were made to provide pleasure for him and her. This double-bulleted love ring features ticklers for her clitoris and his scrotum. The His and Her Rabbits will have you both begging for more.

The His and Hers Rabbits feature two pleasurable vibrating eggs that hum to provide mind-blowing stimulation for both of you. The His and Hers Rabbits’ soft, jelly material is stretchy, ultra comfortable and sexy.
The Dual Rabbits take 2 AA batteries, not included.

Hangups about vibrators

If you are not already using vibrators as a couple, it may because at least one of you has some sexual hangups. Let’s see if we can’t get those out of the way.

Sex is for procreation only.
Whoops, that’s a tough one. If an orgasm is not important to you for its own sake, there isn’t much we can say that would convince you. Are you sure you know what an orgasm is?

Using a device to achieve an orgasm seems kinky.
Some people believe it is wrong to take additional or untried steps to make an orgasm possible. But a vibrator really isn’t much different than trying another position during sex. So, unless that’s wrong too, you should consider dropping this hangup.
Heart Throb Love Kit

Masturbation makes me feel guilty and that’s what using a vibrator seems like.
Here’s your chance to chuck this hangup once and for all. Using a vibrator together is not the same thing as sneaking into the coat closet for a quickie with yourself. You’re doing it together! Later, you can bring it into the coat closet and try it on yourself.

No one’s sticking nothin’ in my butt.
That’s a double negative which really says that everyone… Oh, never mind. Anal play is only one of the ways to use some vibrators, so if that’s not your thing, then stick to the non-butt-related products and methods. You’ll still get your money’s worth.

I’m just too shy.
Ever since we first tried to discuss our pee-pees at the dinner table, we learned that such talk isn’t always appropriate. Some of us took this too far and became shy about ever discussing sex, with anyone. The cure is simple. Introduce the topic once, briefly. Then bring it up again, also briefly. Then again for a longer period of time. And so on. Before long, you’re installing eye bolts in the ceililng for the trapeze.